Win a Super Strike Preloaded Small and Medium needlefish

We all know that fish feed on what is available at the time. Kind of like you when you come home from work and open the lid on the pot to see what’s for dinner. You could say no thanks and go to bed hungry…but you know better. Because tomorrow you might find an empty pot. Fish do not know where their next meal is coming from and will rarely pass on a meal. So if only the smaller sand eels are present, well, then that is what they will feed on at the time.
But fish also have another habit, a tendency to occasionally zone in on a smaller size lure. This can be frustrating if you like to fish primarily big plugs like myself. Often switching to a smaller needlefish will work, but be prepared to give up casting distance and sink rate. And what to do when this situation is aggravated by either strong winds, fast moving water or large waves. Which is like every time I decide to go fishing in the fall 

Have no fear my salt soaked friend, we have found an elixir for your conundrum.

I personally am a huge Super Strike needlefish fish fan. I would say for every other brand of needlefish in my bag I carry three of SS ones. The big, seven inch are by far my favorite. But even they are on the light size. Their smaller versions have always intrigued me but with an 11 foot stick that is designed to be able to cast a live squirrel into the surf, casting small needles is not practical.

If they could only ad some weight to their smaller needles….that would be insane. Not only would I be able to load up my rod properly but their smaller size would be a killer when smaller bait is the primary food of choice. The ability of casting into the wind would be greatly improved as with smaller lure there is much less wind resistance.

Wasn’t I surprised when I got home from the airport and found a package from Super Strike containing their newest creations…..preloaded small and medium needlefish !

And now, you will get a chance to win these two lures. I am sure the winner will put them to a great use.

New….Super Strike Preloaded small and medium needlefish
1.7oz. and the 2-3/8oz.
Courtesy of who else, but the great Steve Musso of the Super Strike Lures
Visit them on the web at

Good Luck to all

271 comments on “Win a Super Strike Preloaded Small and Medium needlefish

  1. Pete

    I’m In, thanks for the opportunity. Thanks Steve for your kind donation that allows Zeno to do these types of giveaways.

  2. woodwker99

    I’m in… My daughter just told me she has Number 3 grand muffin in the oven so even if I don’t win I’m thrilled…


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