Win a Super Strike Bunk O’Lantern Darter…..and video with Don Musso

I came home the other day to find a box in front of my door. In the box there were lots of fine lures and  a note from a Surfcaster’s Journal reader. It read something like this

” Dear SJ, I have been so fortunate to have so many lures, I would like to share these with the rest of the readers but please, keep my name private and this donation anonymous”

So I cant publicly thank that fellow although I am doing it now because I know he is reading. So Thank You


So today I am going to give you a chance top win one of the lure he sent, a lure you cant buy anywhere because it was offered as special by Super Strike last year.

Super Strike  Bunk O’Lantern Darter


And speaking of Super Strike. we just uploaded this interview with Don Musso, the legendary force behind the Super Strike Lures to our You Tube Channel. Its a 8 minute excerpt from a 37 minute video interview.

Where is the full 37 minute version? Its was embedded into Issue #21 of the Surfcaster’s Journal Magazine in September. If you are a subscriber, log in and go to archive and issue #21 in case you glanced over it and did not see the whole thing. It makes this bitter cold a lot easier to take.

For you that are not subscribers, well, what are you waiting for? You are mising out on a quite a bit of knowledge, history and great surf fishing content


Speaking of the Surfcaster’s Journal Magazine, Tommy is done laying out and all we have to do is put it together and proofread it and we’ll make  it live for your reading pleasure. Coincidentally, (and I know I mentioned this once before)we are coming up on one year anniversary of new SJ. We switched over to subscription based model last year in mid January. Which means that those of you who became subscribers right away, our biggest fans and supporters, your subscription will renew automatically on the anniversary of your subscription. You don’t have to do anything, the way they set this up is that your subscription gets renewed automatically, If you do not want automatic renewal please log into your account, go to Payment History and click on Cancel Subscription. Because sure do not want to get a call from your wife asking why is my husband subscribing to another X-rated site after he said he would stop:-)

225 comments on “Win a Super Strike Bunk O’Lantern Darter…..and video with Don Musso

  1. Bill H

    Hey Zeno,

    My wife knows the porno sites I visit, she probably would prefer it if they were actually naked women but they are all fishing related. Yes I do have a problem, a big fishing problem. Will say hello at the upcoming shows, cant wait for them, there is only so many bucktails you can tie and its only January.

  2. unkaharry

    I’m in ,thanks”Z” and thanks to the “masked man”,in a time of take,sue and screw it’s nice to see someone “give”. MAY THE FISH GODS BE WITH YOU

  3. Ed Cardoza

    Funky looking rig; should be a killer in October! Please put me in the hat & a big “Thank You” to the donor…

  4. BigJim

    Thanks so much for all the give always but I just can’t wait for the new issue oh I’m in big thanks to the one who donated the plugs


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