Win a special Super Strike Lure

Today is one of those winter concert/field hokey/basketball, physical therapy days…actually, after my wife and I are done tonight around 10, we will need a therapy.,’s called Johnny Walker…


But you don’t need to suffer along with me, because Mr. Musso, as if he knew that I need a pick me up, is offering this special Super Strike Bottle plug to one lucky individual. Wait an minute, how does that help me? Oh geez…:-)

Here you go, we will roll with many more prizes in coming weeks but today belong to Super Strike. Merry Christmas to the Musso family can win another lure just like this at Super Strike facebook page


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304 comments on “Win a special Super Strike Lure

  1. Chef Chris

    I’m in.

    Thanks and happy holidays from RI where were not allowed to call a Christmas tree a Christmas tree anymore, ita now a “holiday tree”

  2. Slimy skate

    My liquid medicine preference is Samuel Adams & Blue Point. Liver doesn’t like 80+ proof.
    Hyptical illusion follwed by Octoberfest & Winter Lager… so far.
    Long day at work.
    I don’t do Facebook; but I like to be in.
    Beautiful looking plug!
    S.S. ~>

  3. Jeremy

    Im in Thank you Z. Beautiful plug, I dont do facebook unfortunately. Where can you buy a custom SS like that? Or can you? Its really amazing how many guys come out for these giveaways!!

  4. Pete

    I’m In! That is one sweet looking bottle. Love the colors.

    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all at the Surfcaster’s Journal.

  5. Jim M.

    That’s a nice one, I did quite nicely on a less colorful version of that a couple nights ago, which has been a rare thing this past season. Always got SS in the bag…

    I’m in, and thanks!!

  6. CharlesT

    Hey hey. I’m in . Great looking finish on that lure. Could have used it on the beach yesterday. My son got four stripers and I came up with …. The fall run story continues on the beach in new jersey. Listening to Jingle Bell Rock while running the beach at IBSP!

  7. Kendall Smith

    I’m in!!!! Thanks!

    (and thanks to SS for pointing me to this page. I’ll check out the other content here at surfcasters journal)

  8. Ryan

    I’m in, thanks! Merry Christmas. Was just introduced to SS lures this fall in Montauk…I’ve got about 20 now and is basically the only plugs I fished this fall! Thanks SS!


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