Win a special pliers by Mustad

I will admit that sometimes we get carried away with stuff that could be described by some people as “over the top”…. Except if you fish long enough you know well that ZeeBaaS or Van Staal are not as big of a luxury items as you originally thought. After you kill half a dozen “good” reels in the surf you will kick yourself in the butt for not getting a waterproof one. So if we seem like we write about, Torque, ZB or VS is because we are trying to tell you not to make the mistake we made. If you are going to get your reel wet only on occasion and you will take care of it, you don’t need a waterproof reel. If you are going to dunk, swim, wade to rocks or wade on a sandbar you will regret the non waterproof reel sooner or later. Not saying everyone can afford one or must have one but if you are wondering why so many do it..its because they learned the hard way

Now if someone can explain why so many wear wetsuits at Montauk but only get their ankles wet??? hmmm…ha-ha

Anyway, the point of my post is that sometimes we overlook the simplest things. Like these KVD pliers by Mustad. It will cost you all of $10. But they will take of a split ring in a hurry…and as a bonus it will cut the braid like no one’s business. Maybe better than any split ring pliers you ever had


Take a look at this video


So today we will give away this pair of these 5 inch KVD by Mustad Split Ring/Braid Cutter pliers combo we tested. One winner, one pliers, courtesy of Mustad

195 comments on “Win a special pliers by Mustad

  1. Moises Medina

    I’m so in guys! I need a good pair of split ring pliers! I’m tired of using a pair of needle nose pliers and a knife! Thanks for the chance guys!


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