Win a shirt from Choopy Lures

First, the winner of those super-sweet pencil poppers from Guppy Lures is Jeff Chobot

Congratulations Jeff, you have 5 days to email us your address at

Second, I already told you that Charlie at Choopy Lures is doing a limited run of his shirts in few weeks. You can go to his website at and get all the details.

We are going to give you a chance to win one, long or short sleeves. We will put the winner in touch with Charlie and he will mail a winner a shirt in his size when made.

Good Luck to all, hope you had a great weekend and hell, yeah, GO Big Blue…another great weekend to be a NY Giants fan


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148 comments on “Win a shirt from Choopy Lures

  1. Lenman

    I am in. Next up is the niners. Giant football old school style. Niners vs giants …. That brings back a lot of memories!

  2. mikec67s

    i’m in…did any ever hear of a little neck swimmer call the derby winner…..its either the color or style….i’m efin baffled…..$%$#&()836


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