Win a pair of Super Strike Show Special Poppers, Rattl’n Bunker and a Rattl’n Mullet

We are a little out of “sync” with not being home on weekends but we got some nice stuff lined up for you. A new blog post from Dennis Zambrotta, more good stuff from Charlie Witek, a Q&A session with Crazy Alberto Knie ..and more giveaways of course.

Lets get to it. Winners of the Big Rock swimmers giveaway, (each winner will receive one Big Rock Custom swimmers) are and . You both have 5 days to contact us with your shipping address at


And for this week giveaway, we are tickled pink to be able to feature these Super Strike Show Special Poppers.

One winner will walk always with a Rattl’n Bunker and a Ratlt’n Mullet Super Strike Show Special poppers, courtesy of  Steve Musso at Super Strike Lures

If you are not a fan on FB , you should be as they feature news and giveaways all the time. You can find them at

Thank you Mr.Musso for your kindness, support trough the years and for making the best darn plugs on the planet.

In order to be eligible to win you must enter “I want these Super Strike Poppers”

2014 Show Specials

393 comments on “Win a pair of Super Strike Show Special Poppers, Rattl’n Bunker and a Rattl’n Mullet

  1. ehcjr2003

    I can “pop” with the best of them & these Super Strike Poppers would only elevate my game!
    Thanks for the opportunity to win them…

  2. meyogi

    I want these Super Strike Poppers to add to the pile of non productive over priced painted chunks of wood that we’ve all been collecting in the never ending dream of beaching a fifty pounder on the next outing.

  3. Moises Medina

    I want these Super Strike Poppers! Thanks guys for the chance. Congrats to the winners of the Big Rock Lures. Thanks Steve Musso for making this giveaway sweet! Thanks SJ!

  4. silverkings

    You bet I want these Super Strike Poppers
    and I hope Don and Steve will make some for sale.
    Thanks to them for binging thinking about these.


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