Win a pair of StormR casting gloves from StormR

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How does that song goes by Dean Martin for those of you that remember who Dean Martin was ? “Baby its cold outside”. Well maybe not today but this week was brutal and as many of you know, since I got frostbite at work almost a decade ago I simply cannot fish in the cold weather or with wet hands. Generally I just stop fishing when it gets that cold.

This year I got a pair of new StormR Cast gloves. These are slightly redesigned then their original models. Obviously the biggest thing is the addition of Kevlar finger to both index finger and thumb on both hands. They made them a little more stealthy in looks which always helps with image conscious surfcasters (that wear GIANT logos on their chests..just saying). I used the Cast Neoprene gloves all week and as of right now I do not have a single complain. Changing plugs was not a problem, casting, no issues there. Warmth, pretty darn good although it was brutally cold. Tying knots? There are no waterproof gloves I ever tried with which tying the knots its easy. Doable, yeah, easy , never. I managed to change the leader but there is nothing like bare hands to retie the line.

I got the Cast because the have these features. A little thicker than their Torque gloves, micro fleece lining and a little thicker

    • Cast Gloves
    • Great for Use with Braid Line
    • Premium Micro-Fleece Lined Neoprene
    • Durable Hi-Grip Palm
    • Kevlar Index Finger and Thumb Tip
    • Easy On and Off Design
    • Anatomical Fit
    • 3mm Total Thickness
    • Glued, Blind-Stitched and Liquid Taped Seams



To me, liquid taped seams and waterproof is the key. They also make a Torque casting gloves. A little shorter than Cast and not waterproof. These gloves, if they hold up during testing, will probably be my all around glove for year around, particularly when wetsuiting.

  • Torque Gloves
  • Great for Use with Braid Line
  • Premium Micro-Fleece Lined Neoprene
  • Kevlar Index Finger and Thumb Tip
  • Durable Material on Palm and Fingers
  • 2mm Total Thickness
  • Adjustable Wrist Closure
  • Glued and Blind-Stitched Seams
  • thumbww

Early testing results are good but the time will tell. Today we will give you a chance to win a pair of either StormR Toque or Cast gloves in the size you need, courtesy of StormR and SJ. Your choice.

You can check the gloves out by visiting StormR at and click on accessories


256 comments on “Win a pair of StormR casting gloves from StormR

  1. staktup

    I was planning on buying both pairs, but will wait: hopefully I’ll just have to shell out for 1 pr! Thanks Stormr and SJ

  2. Richard aka Woodwker99

    I’m in thanks. I could use a set of these….. I asked if I could ask Santa, but she who must be accounted too said I have enough on my list already….lol.

  3. birdshark

    I picked up a pair of the Cast gloves a few days ago. I had planned to buy the Torque, but they were sold out. The Casts are warm with more feeling than I expected from 3mm neoprene.

  4. Dot

    Have never found any gloves good enough to keep my hands warm while fishing in November. Would love to give these a try. Thx for the chance.


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