Win a new Tools of the Trade Surfcaster’s Journal t-shirt

First, I want to thank all of you that stopped by our table at Surf Day yesterday. The show was awesome as usual and we particularly appreciate you telling us how much you like the Surfcaster’s Journal. Everyone who renewed their subscription, your account was updated. You can check it by logging in your account and see your new expiration date

For those of you that subscribed for the first time, you should have received the email from the magazine with your credentials, if you did not, please check your Spam folder and then contact us at

We apologize for running out on certain shirts but its impossible to bring everything and anything when you are dealing with tight spaces. We will be at Ward Melville Fishing Club Show this Saturday in Setauket, NY and Sunday we will be at Berkley Flea Market in Toms River NJ with fresh inventory.

You can pick up this new “Tools of the Trade” shirt for free by renewing your subscription or subscribing for the first time, but only at the shows that we attend. The interest in this t-shirt was jus crazy yesterday and I am sure that I can speak for Tommy who designed it when I say, thank you. We are glad it was received well


The winners of last week Black Label swimmers giveaways are Don H and Big Jim

You have 5 days to contact us at



And since we are talking about the new Tools of the Trade t-shirts, lets have a giveaway for some, since these are for shows-only and wont be in our online store until sometimes in late April. Two winners, each one gets a Tools of the Trade t-shirt in his/hers chosen size and we’ll toss it in these three stickers from SJ.



264 comments on “Win a new Tools of the Trade Surfcaster’s Journal t-shirt

  1. BigJim

    I see you posted the winners of the Black Label plugs and I have to give a big THANK YOU to Surf Casters Journal can’t wait to hit the surf with that plug

  2. eric n

    T hat is one bad ass t-shirt ! Thats a must have for the spring summer run .! Hopefully I win !! It’ll be good advertisement for you as well here in s jersey ! 🙂


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