Win a Guppy Lure Co Popper and a t-shirt

Today, we are having a really, really sweet giveaway from Guppy Lure Co to celebrate the Labor Day, the unofficial start of the Fall Run. Many of you who fish the Cape Cod Canal know these lures very well. Since 2003, the Hess brothers have been crafting handmade classic top water lures that many surfcasters grab out of their bags first when conditions call for top water. You have to cast a Guppy to understand why 🙂

You can check out all their products at


They are making today’s special giveaway possible by offering two lucky SJ Blog readers a chance to each win one special scale painted 3 ounce popper and one Guppy Lure T-shirt.

So two winners, each receives a lure and a T-S=shirt from the Guppy Lure Co. Like that old Smuckers commercial said, “With a name like Guppy, it has to be good”

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331 comments on “Win a Guppy Lure Co Popper and a t-shirt

  1. Gerad D

    I’m in but not sure I’d fish it yet with all these gorillas around. Have a safe and successful fall run to all.

  2. mr.mastastico

    your killing deebow who works at animal he is a surfcaster to the core

    it pains me you think those dudes didnt know shit..all of em didnt know shit but deebow did ..if it wasnt for him that film would be a load of doo doo

    dont knock a brother so hard


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