Win a Guppy 3 ounce JOBO Junior 3 ounce Pencil Popper

Before we get to today’s awesome giveaway let me do few things . Was Bill Wetzel post yesterday awesome or what ! Holy cow I almost grabbed my rod and went casting in my back yard. How much do we need to pay Bill to write every week? 🙂

We will be at Berkley Flea market hanging with our boys Choopy, Guppy and Big Rock this weekend. As you know, we have a special deal for you at these shows. Subscribe or extend your subscription and get an awesome new shirt Tommy just created. Or buy a shirt and get a subscription for free. Whatever rocks your boat. We will be at RISAA, Asbury, Lindenhurst Flea Market and Rivers End. While supply lasts as they say and only at shows.


For those of you that registered last weekend, please contact us if for any reason you did not get any login info, passwords, have had problems logging in, need peanut butter cookies or Swedish massage..we’re here to help;-). Seriously, anyone with any issues please contact us at Those of you that extended your subscription at Surf Day, log into your account and click on Main Page button. There you will see that your subscription expires in 2015, and even in Cringlish that is two years away

Speaking of Big Rock, the winner of 2 ounce Big Rock giveaway is M. Heppler.

Please provide your shipping address by emailing us at


And for today’s giveaway, we will give you a chance to win this Guppy 3 ounce JOBO Junior 3 ounce Pencil Popper, courtesy of Guppy Lures at

Coincidentally they will be at Berkley Flea Market too so check out their awesome pencil poppers and poppers and I do mean awesome. Since my season was shot last year due to bad elbow I really did not get the video footage that I wanted but this year I hoping for better luck and some better Guppy footage. In any event, the  winner will enjoy this plus, that I can guaranty.

This giveaway is for subscribers of the Surfcaster’s Journal Magazine only. New issue coming in a week or so



184 comments on “Win a Guppy 3 ounce JOBO Junior 3 ounce Pencil Popper

  1. TedC

    Good luck at the show this weekend, sounds like a good time. This tshirt deal can’t be beat– it’s a no brainer!! Dare i say the best deal at the show??

  2. Lou Caruso

    been doing some testing with all of the guppy lures on some different rods. Holy Cow do they dance !!!!!!

  3. Jim J.

    Every time I read or see something of Bill’s I so charged up I just want to go to the surf I work north of boston and the water is about ten minutes away so after I read Bill’s article from work I went straight to the beach at lunch and went for a walk keep his stuff coming he’s the man and I’m in too please


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