Win a camouflaged ZeeBaaS ZX27 reel

We are going to post this once a month until we draw a winner on the Memorial Day weekend

There is no greater service anyone can enlist in than putting their lives on the line so wee can live safely in the greatest country in the world. We are all forever indebted to all members of our armed forces past, present and future. Regardless if you did your tour of duty in WWII or just returned from the Middle East, you are a hero to us and our families.

It is our distinct pleasure to announce a very special giveaway. ZeeBaaS Reels, one of the world’s premier reels for surfcasters is going to award one member of our armed forces, past or current, a very special, one of a kind digitally camouflaged ZeeBaaS ZX27 reel. The reel will be engraved with their name and branch of service.zbcamo

How do you win this very special giveaway?  You cant. You have to nominate a friend, neighbor, fishing partner, brother, sister or anyone who you admire that is a past or current armed force member and who you think it’s a special person.

We are aware that EVERY armed force member is deserving of our thanks and admiration. But we only have one reel to award. So send us a email, letter or essay. Hundred words or five thousand words, we don’t care. Just dont send us five.Tell us why you think your nominee is deserving of this special ZeeBaaS reel, what makes him a special surfcaster, friend or someone you look up to. That is it.

You spent a life time enjoying the safe life in this great country of ours without giving much thought as to why and who made it so safe. Today, take a minute to reflect , take a look at your family who is joyfully gathered around you, and nominate someone who you think its responsible for us all having a great life.

Just a few rules

  • Past or active duty veterans must be nominated by friend, family member, fishing partner, etc. If you have someone you would like to nominate, send us a email LETTER, NOT TWO SENTENCES with your buddy’s name and branch of service, along with  why you chose to nominate them. (its ok if you don’t know their branch of service )
  • Nominee MUST be a surfcaster. Even if you know the guy who shot Bin Laden, he won’t win if he’s a trout fisherman only.  We really want to put this reel in the hands of a Surfcaster.
  • While all who have served this country are more than deserving, we only have one prize to give so finalists will be selected by Ultra-Top Secret committee (known only by the NSA).   Winner will be selected by a random drawing of finalists.
  • Winner will be announced on Memorial Day 2014 and will receive a 1 of a kind, digital camo ZeeBaaS ZX27 with their name and branch of service engraved in the reel.
  • Send your letters, emails or essays to

Sit down, and tell us why you nominate him, what makes him a special surfcaster, and a veteran, where did he serve, family, life, write as long as you want but short few sentence entries will not be accepted



17 comments on “Win a camouflaged ZeeBaaS ZX27 reel

  1. andy_k

    Well done guys. A great idea to give something back to someone who has risked all there is to risk.

    Best of luck to the winner!

  2. Rich M

    Great thing you guys are doing for our armed forces,and not just that the whole thing ,magazine, the blog
    The awareness towards conservation congrats and thank you .

  3. John P Mury

    My son John C Mury currently serves on the USS Columbia, fast attack sub out of Hawaii.
    Johns an advid fisherman who loves surf fishing and any boat if he can find time.
    Johns at sea often and doesn’t see daylight . When he gets a chance he heads
    To a shore with his fiancée Sammy to drop a line.
    My son is in his 4th year of a 6 year inlistment and has been home only once.
    His job is demanding at sea. I couldn’t imagine being underwater for moths at a time.
    You would think after getting back to dock he would want nothing to
    Do with water! The next day hes at a pier, or beach.
    Thanks for concidering my son for this reel.
    John P Mury

  4. rhys nelson

    Wazza Morgan one of my mates Vietnam vet loved his fishing just had his house trashed by vandal kids and most of his fishing gear taken he deserves this

  5. Amos Morris

    I will nominate my son CW2 Jared Morris. From a high school drop out to PI Apache Helicopter pilot who is serving his 5th combat tour in Afganistan. He more than makes the grade. He has been in the Army for 15 years. Jared is an avid fisherman of all species. His next station is Ft. Rucker for Instructor Pilot school near Diston, Fl and plans to be in the surf whenever not in the aircraft. It would be an outstanding welcome home present from Afganistan.


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