Win a belt clip from RockHopper Fishing

I told you recently about the clips from RockHopper fishing

You can check them out for yourself at

I don’t come across many products that I knew from the first time I held it in my hand that I want one. This one is an exception. I’d scream buy,buy,buy but then I would have to use words like booyaha and be glued to CNBC all day.

Here is the video I did few weeks ago explaining better what it is all about.


And of course, thanks to Rock Hopper owner, Barry Kronberg, we will give you a chance to win one of these clips


And the giveaways continue…

Good luck

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242 comments on “Win a belt clip from RockHopper Fishing

  1. Moses

    I’m in! Thanks a lot Z! That is a way better idea than drilling holes into your belt. Thanks for sharing and great video.

  2. Noah

    I don’t usually win anything

    A lthough I’m gonna try again
    M ostly because

    I never give up and
    N ever give in

  3. Perry Williams

    I’m in. Thanks.

    It is very gratifying to see better engineered and better constructed gear coming out.



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