Win a 3.5 oz Danny and 1 1/8 Stubby Needlefish, courtesy of Wally’s Lures


We haven’t had a giveaway for awhile and I am glad to feature a special one today on the blog, courtesy of Wally’s Lures. You can check out the whole line of these lures at

Two winners, one will recive a 3 1/2 ounce Wally’s Lures Danny Swimmer and a second winner will recive a Wally’s Lures 1 1/8 ounce Stubby Needlefish.

Each lure features VMC hooks, Wolverine Split Rings and Krok Swivels…

Good luck






Just a quick note about the SJ Magazine. The SJ 3Dissue APP had some technical difficulties in last 24 hours. We believe we identified the problem and are waiting for 3Dissue support to correct the issue.You can still read the magazine by going to

Its only the app that is acting up, not the magazine


Looks like the issue with the app has been resolved



273 comments on “Win a 3.5 oz Danny and 1 1/8 Stubby Needlefish, courtesy of Wally’s Lures

  1. unkaharry

    I’m in thanks “Z”. By the way great aerial video,just can”t figure how you flap your arms and hold the camera at the same time, do you have one of those helper monkeys???? are they expensive? Thanks

  2. meyogi

    I’m in to those lures too! I believe they were at the Surf Day show at Brookdale collage this past March. I could always use another.

  3. andy_k

    I’m in – for the needlefish – thanks.

    Unfortunately, the Danny is way outside of any plug casting rods I own – we dont enjoy the luxury of striped bass here in the UK :'( Just our tiny (by comparison) European bass.

  4. Giacomo Moderno

    Thank You Zeno! This is very generous of you sir and by the way your products are awesome!! And so are You!! 🙂


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