Win a $250 Gift Certificate to The Saltwater Edge, $50 of Red Gill lures or any plug from SWE stock

The guys from Saltwater Edge and Red Gill are bringing you a contest. They had an idea where they wanted to do something to not only demonstrate the support from Saltwater Edge and Red Gill for Surfcaster’s Journal Magazine but they also wanted to have a contest that supports the efforts of Surfcaster’s Journal staffers. And we are very thankful that they think so much of us and our efforts. Hey, maybe we can fix that Panasonic camera LCD screen we busted by falling on it in Montauk last week 🙂


 To enter you make a donation via paypal or check (any amount) to Surfcaster’s Journal between now and the end of Oct. To donate via PayPal, click on “Donate” button on the right hand side of the blog. Checks donations should be mailed (and received by November 4th) to SURFCASTING LLC PO BOX 10665 WESTBURY NY 11590.Only  One Entry Per Person. Staff at Saltwater Edge will pick three numbers and email it to us. Then we will match the numbers to the donations in order received and pick winners

First Prize is a $250 Gift Certificate to The Saltwater Edge

Second Prize is $50 of Red Gill

Third Prize any plug from stock at SWE



23 comments on “Win a $250 Gift Certificate to The Saltwater Edge, $50 of Red Gill lures or any plug from SWE stock

  1. Jim Hill

    Very Creative idea here Z.Give and take.Whoever thought this one up should go to Washington and help out those idiots on the Hill.Is there a minimum amount for those of us who’d like to participate but can’t rub 2 nickles together??

  2. Lee Solomon

    Thanks for all u guys do. The pics and the info are awesome. Hopefully the donation helps to keep things going forward.

  3. Doug

    I have not fished my “home” waters of Long Island this year; so I vicariously “fish” there through the pictures and words in the blog and magazine.
    A worthy investment; as I have paid far more for far less. Thank-you !

  4. Birdshark

    SWE is a great shop with really friendly & helpful staff. They helped me out a lot when I was starting out and I was just a guy who used to come in once in a while when I was up in RI. I like to support my local B & T, but still order from SWE too. Nice work guys.

  5. CTMatt

    LOL rats I just put up paypal a week or so ago. No trouble…well worth some extra paypal loving this month haha.

    I’ll send it on pay day!

  6. George M

    Hi Zen, I’m have been meaning to donate, so this presents the perfect opportunity, it a small thank you for all your hard and passionate work to produce Surfcasters Journal, I’ve certainly learned alot being a newbie surfcaster, THANKS AGAIN! Geo

  7. Greg Tucceri

    I’m in, by far one of the best shops in the north east and all of R.I. I”ve all ready spent over a thousand there this year, and enjoyed every penny of it, the service there is second to none. Keep up the good work Z and crew you guys rock. Was wondering in the issues to come if you guys could share some info on wet suits and that kind of stuff,styles,thickness,and all the extras one might need to get started. Feel free to blast me if this stuff is in past issues.

  8. Matt H

    I’m in… great idea, I ordered almost everything I own from them. By the time you finish placing your online order, it’s on your front steps. Great shop, first class all the way.

  9. steves

    Great idea.

    If you can not get to your local tackle shop, saltwater edge has everything you need and their service is excellent.


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