Win 2 great lures from Line Stretcher Lures

Today we have a special giveaway, courtesy of Line Stretcher Tackle Co. I always insisted and do to this day that these lures might be the most misused lures by surfcasters…ever. Yeah, they will outcast any lure of the market just about every day of the week in their size.

Yes, they are killer for blues and bonito when retrieved at slighlty faster retrieve…BUT ..they catch a ton of bass if you just sloooow down your retrieve. Capish? 🙂

Next time you need a long cast, toss one of these suckers and then slow down your retrieve and be prepared to set a hook…on a bass.

Today’s giveaway is for 3 ounce pink Line Stretcher Surface Tension lure and 2 ounce one, courtesy of Line Stretcher Lures. Yeah, SJ Sticker too


248 comments on “Win 2 great lures from Line Stretcher Lures

  1. Tony Politi

    I’m in! Do you “pop” these when you retrieve or just a straight reel so they “skip” on the retrieve?


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