Why we do what we do….

Why do we do this?

Blog, magazine, giveaways, reviews, weekly “fishing seminars” at Hooters (what you didn’t know about those)?

Many of you have asked that question…. by know I got a feeling that you like what we do and that alone is gratifying. But why we try so hard to do video and pictures while others are fishing? Why do we scour the globe for interesting stories about the sport we love?

Is it the money? It can’t be otherwise I wouldn’t be eating fiberglass at work every day for the past 20 years with no end in sight. Is it for the ego?

I’ll leave that answer up to you, I don’t think it’s fair for me to comment on what you might think of us. But I sincerely doubt it that is the reason. If anything , I been told to tone it down trying to make myself look like a googan. But that is who I am , I make as many mistakes as most of you if not more. Could it be true that many “experts”’ make them too but they will only tell you when they are succeeding? That way you get an impression they are always on top of the game?

The reason why we do this is plainly stated in the first paragraph but you might of rolled your eyes right over it.

It’s for the sport we love

This is our passion, this is something that is so immersed into our lives that if you took it away we been gasping for air like a fish out of the waster.

What are we looking to accomplish?

We would like to entertain you with stories you won’t read anywhere else. We’d like to wow you with photography that will make you want to grab your stick and go. We want to tell you about products that we like and happenings you would want to know about.

Most of all, we want you to enjoy every aspect of this sport, from its rich history, to its interesting (and often insane) characters, new places where you might want to wet a line and yet, maybe even help you catch few more fishes in process.

You might call surf fishing a sport but we call it a  way of life.

To be one with the nature, to stand in the surf battling a worthy opponent, to experience the nature as God intended to, unspoiled and breathtaking.

Now if we can only get our wives to let us actually do it…..

What is a Surf Fisherman?

By: Dr. William A. Muller

It is a challenge and it’s a war. It is a war not against the fish, which we pursue with such ardent effort. No, it’s a war against ourselves and the battle is renewed every night.

The challenge is to discover ourselves: What are we made of? What skills can we develop?
What satisfaction can be achieved by catching fish while employing the most difficult angling approach? To be surf fisherman takes determination, pride, skill and a penchant for self-abuse that  borders on masochism. Pride you say? Yes, pride. Pride in yourself and pride for the sport that you love. Self-abuse you say?
Yes. The willingness to let your body be abused by the surf,  to  learn to function in the damp cold ink of night, to give up sleep, to relentlessly stalk the   beach and still arrive for work on time and alert, and to learn to frequently be alone and to like it.

Even when we fish with a buddy we are really alone. A couple hundred feet of crashing surf and a lashing wind make most communication difficult if not impossible.

Since it is not an easy sport, a beginning fisherman cannot expect that he will become proficient easily. There are many negative variables to be eliminated, for there are far more unfavorable conditions and unproductive places than there are good fishing spots and conducive conditions.

But a man must have a pride to stick with it during the lean times. He must piece together data; he must try and then try harder.

There will be help. Regulars will notice a guy who works the beach night after night. They will respect this and they will offer assistance, small perhaps at first, but greater as time goes on.

 It is the nature of things. Most of all, a beginner must put his time in. There will be little respect for the guy who values a square meal, the TV set and a warm bed above the thrill of surf fishing.

What is it like to be a surf fisherman? Damn hard! But it’s satisfying.
If the above challenge does not appeal to you …become a boat fisherman.


Written for The High Hill Striper Club 1977
By: Dr. William A. Muller


 and now, some comedic relief



14 comments on “Why we do what we do….

  1. Nick

    I hear what your saying Z, I love this sport and have been at it for a long time and I’m only 43. I have read comments on a lot of different sites from people(not this one cause we comment on what you and others say) that put others down and seem like they self promote which is funny cause who gives a rats ass, talk is cheap, in fact free of charge, I have read “the quality of fisherman has gone down on this site” “stop ya goog I told you where the fish are” etc….. I know these self proclaimed sharpies are full of shit. Can you imagine judging someone from what they write, or announcing I told you where the fish are ya goog? Instead of calling or sending a private message to that someone? for me this is an interesting, fun and ego free site, great job Z, Tommy and the crew. keep it up!

  2. Old Hippie

    I’ve fished for over fifty years. In Florida, where I grew up, ya fish year round. Here in NC, ya fish year round. If ya fish , ya fish year round. Sometimes, ya come home after a great day with chow and lots of snaps. Sometimes ya come home after a great day with a burger and lots of snaps. If ya love to fish, any day fishing is a great day. Whether it’s the pounding of the surf, or the calm of the lake, it’s a great day. You mustn’t let those guy’s get in your head. Don’t HELP them ruin your great day. Fishing is relaxing. Even when your fighting a 75lb grouper. If ya really fish, ya know what I mean. Keep up the GOOD work Journal guys. Here is another Fisher that appreciate’s ya!! Have a GREAT DAY!! I’m GOIN FISHIN.

  3. Robert Mc

    It may be comedic releif, but it`s the truth
    I been told my post suck, so why read them!
    Just another googan, thanks for helping us.

  4. achase

    Z, Tommy and Crew,
    I read the blog every day and really appreciate you taking the time to put it out.Your passion comes through every time and printing pieces like Doc’s today is a nice thing for those of us who might not see them elsewhere. Keep up the great work!

  5. Bob Eisey

    We did have some good laughs that night making and posting a half dozen of those video’s. Thanks “Z”, now it will go viral.

  6. will

    Z i enjoy reading every day..
    FYI i called korkers because i was having major problems with that stupid BOA system. I said my issues to them. they said “well these boots have been extensively tested by Zeno, up and down the coast. There are no issues with the boots” i said what does zeno know, he is a googan. 🙂

  7. Zeno Post author

    that is bunch of bull…I tested their supposedly “new” BOA lacing system in June
    I had issues with one popping off for no reason and told them about it
    so much for truth in advertising

  8. will

    i guess so lol.. well now my boas are both broken and i have to tape em on my feet..at least this way i can get my foot out lol. Mine also pop out of the housing on the tongue

  9. richtrox

    We only become truly lost when we lose the ability to laugh at ourselves. It is then that our greatest asset, our ego, our driving force, our sense of achievement, sours and becomes our worst enemy.

  10. CTmatt

    “there were 200 guys shining their light in the water”

    “I am surprised the beach didn’t sink from the weight of the trucks”

    “A bunch of mexican immigrants stuffed garbage in all of the rocks”


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