why buy polarized glasses …win a great shades from Wiley X

you know what they say, you can lead a horse to the water but you can make them drink….

Many people feel that polarized glasses are unnecessary .

I don’t understand why all sunglasses are not polarized. Really, this puzzles me. I not only use a polarizing shades but I also screw a polarizing filter on my Nikon dslr and another on my Panasonic hd camera too.

Polarizing filters and sunglasses cut on the glare and allow you to see under the surface.They protect your eyes from the sun. I have been in love with my WileyX since I took them to Europe two years ago. I have two pairs, just got one for my son and now after visiting FL, my wife wants a pair too. The difference in wearing a polarized shads and not when looking at the Florida flats can only be described as heaven and earth. I’d be yelling , “redfish at 2 o’clock” or “manatee to the right” while my wife and daughter would helplessly stare in the water, the suns glare precluding them to see what I was seeing.

I could see the fish race towards my wife’s jigs and would tell her to slow down her retrieve….until she took my shades away and used them…such is life 🙂

What about looking for deep holes on the beaches you fish with your shades? The polarized pair will make a world of difference,. Sight casting on the flats for bass? Yup, tremendous help there too. Looking atop the cliffs at Montauk for fish gathering under surface before exploding or for sign of bait? Check….

I am going to make one lucky Surfcaster’s Journal Magazine Easter week a little more festive by awarding them this brand spanking new Flare  WileyX shades retailing at $130…these puppies were just released by WileyX. Emerald Mirror, black matte frame..plus carrying case, cleaning cloth and strap


All you have to do is guess what page is a favorite picture of our design guru, Tommy Corrigan located

Like I said, we are big Fan of Wiley X

 The fact that WileyX outfits our boys and girls in uniform…is a HUGE plus in our book

81 comments on “why buy polarized glasses …win a great shades from Wiley X

  1. mark m

    Great advise Z. When I was an ocean lifeguard (many years ago) that was one of the first things we were told. Everyone worn Ray Bans at the time because not too many polarized glasses were available. They were made of glass & heavy. Now with a new generation of plastic shades, you can wear them all day comfortably. Polarized glasses protect our pupils, staring at the water (sun glare) can burn them out literally if non-polarized glasses are used over a long period of time. I will not get into brands…..Wiley are worth the extra $

  2. Mike S.

    Damn you guys are quick …. I was gonna say 51 but I see thats already picked, so I will go with 151



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