When Big Bluefish Attack….New Video

As some of probably noticed I have not been around much which is a good thing. After years and years of writing and wearing ten hats at SJ I am trying to get back to what I used to do. Fish. I think  I fished more in last twenty days than I did in the whole year combined last year. I have all the confidence in the world that Dave will do a great job with a  blog like he does with a magazine and I can (hopefully) try to find whatever i seem to lost last few years.

Todays new video is something you probably never seen before, at least not in this context. Its 2015, the days of watching boring videos of striped bass swimming in front of the camera are over and done. So after we brought you this  [youtube]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OoCL7fYtCJ0[/youtube]

Now we are bringing you a first ever look at feeding bluefish from the horses mouth (aka back-ass of the plug). I have ton of footage to weed trough including probably over a dozen shots of gator blues completely swallowing the camera before spitting it out and camera shooting though its gills in its mouth. Some small bass to but that is to come at the later day. The most frustrating part of making a video like this is the time. Two minute video , to get it  how I want it to be (and of course you are never 100% happy) takes me something silly like hours and hours of looking at it. But its worth it if you enjoy


So I hope you enjoy it and share it away on fb, twitter or whatever you guys do

See you on the beach



8 comments on “When Big Bluefish Attack….New Video

  1. Andy_K

    Excellent video Z. I can imagine just how hard working and unhappy you were casting at those fish. Working your nuts off in the hope that the footage will be there at the end of it all 😉

    Seriously though, it’s good to see you doing what you’re supposed to be doing! Almost smiling in that photo, too 😉

  2. Jarlath Crowe

    I wish I had thought of using a small underwater camera, while feeding the Atlantic Salmon at the fish hatchery where I used to work at.


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