Weekend mussings, giveaway winners and new online store

There are still fish around in my area although they have been getting smaller by a minute. The guys in NJ have them pretty good right now. Has anyone noticed the complete lack of bluefish. I mean, not just somewhat less, but absolute lack of them? The boats, particularly in Montauk last few weeks could not get away from them and along the south shore too. But on the beach? I have not seen one since October. Not one, and I spoke to guys in my club and others, and they all report same thing. Very weird season to say the least.

photo333The winner of AOK tackle giveaway has one more day to come forward, after that he forfeits his prize and it goes back into our giveaway vault. We still have a lot of stuff to give away.

Our photo contest, sponsored by folks at Tsunami. We have to award one of you a Tsunami Airwave Elite Rod.

We also have to draw a winner of a CTS rod. If you remember, Rich from CTS Custom rod graciously offered to give one of his rod to one SJ reader who became subscriber this year. Rich will pick a # and then we will match that # to our subscribers personal # and that person will be declared a winner. Stay tuned for that

thumbcathumbwwWinner of a pair of StormR either Cast or Torque gloves, graciously donated by fine folks at StormR is Sean Freeman. You have 5 days to email us at info@surfcastersjournal.com with your shipping address, glove choice and size and we will forward this to the folks at StormR.

There are major additions to the SJ staff happening as we speak. More content for you from the people you want to hear from. Announcement on this coming this weekend too.

Stuff for holidays..we’ll don’t quite operate that way. Meaning punctually..lol

You know how Tommy and I do SJ gear…unless you buy a hat or sticker when you see one, you might never have a chance again..ha

What can I say, it’s true. We make small quantities for the shows and then we don’t make them again. In case of SJ hats, we never made them again. That will change in about a week or two.


You remember the Night Crew hoodies, zipped and pullovers? They will be in the new online store in about a week or two. Hats ? Yup. Stickers. Yes. Not preorder and wait, but in stock. Yeah, we know we will run out but we are trying our best.


The new Surfcaster’s Journal Online Store is slowly getting built up. You can click “Store” link on the top on right hand side, you can go to http://www.surfcastersgear.com/ or you can click HERE.

zxde (1)All prices include shipping already until New Year and then we will revisit that. Right now we have few Lighthouse hoodies that we left from last order, all the Night Crew and Rope shirts you want and some Special MTK Limited and Time and Tide shirts in the “Specials” although those only in certain size.Books and DVD too


Right now, after getting up at 3AM to go to work, what I really need is this.


I think I am going to go ahead and order me one.,…from me to me for the holidays

Have an awesome weekend and stay tuned for news and more giveaways

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