It’s the morning of the first contest we ever attempted. To say that I am not nervous would be an understatement. The way I look at it is, if all goes well, regardless if its mag, blog contest, well, its suppose to go well. But if something goes wrong, then it’s all on me. And people wonder why I can be a little “sensitive”….ha

I hope to see some of you this afternoon at Saltwaters Tackle, I will be there from noon till closing. YoDude might make an appearance too. One note, actually three, regarding fish measuring. You can enter as many fish into the contest as you want as long as your new entry is bigger than your former entry and you can only qualify to win one prize. So we don’t have a dude that wins them  all..hey, strangest things have happened. Please don’t put a measuring tape over the fish. Put it alongside of it. If your measuring tape is on the top of the fish it will be disqualified. And last but not least, no half inches. If you catch a fish 39 and 1/2 inches it will be entered as 39. If an angler after you brings at 39 3/4 fish it will also be a 39 but since you weighted yours first you will place higher. It would be very difficult to do increments of inches so just accept that. That is it
Now I will take a break, and hopefully tomorrow we will have something for you in the ways of entries. You can always contact us via email at info@surfcastersjournal.com


And now for the entertainment portion of today’s blog Crazy Alberto Knie Part II


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12 comments on “Weekend

  1. bunufish

    This tournament was meant to happen =) Sandy is waiting til Monday before she rocks us… hopefully she doesn’t want to enter the contest and speed on up ahead of schedule. Either case, stay safe to those who may be hitting up jetties this weekend.

    Thank you Z and team for your hard work, dedication and being real; we can tell from you worrying how much you care. Kudos as well to the sponsors for recognizing the goodness of this cause.

  2. Jamie

    How did he get his nickname “crazy”? He seems perfectly sane to me. Oh, maybe it’s in the third segment….
    Thanks for the great footage! It is extremely valuable.


  3. Matt H

    I’m sure everything will be great this weekend. Thanks for putting this together,hopefully others follow suit and continue with C&R tournaments.

  4. MattL

    Good luck to all, be smart & safe, the storm should provide some excellent opportunities. “All Miyagi know two things, fish and karate” kidding aside, good stuff AK.

  5. fishtrek

    What Alberto states is true concerning the slack tide. About 25 years ago I fishing one spot for a week at approximatly the same time every day, Like clock work a school of large fish came into the same spot 20 minutes later everyday and the bite lasted for about 20 minutes. Great time, and at the time I thought it was just plain luck that I had stumbled on to the spot. But what he says is true because since than it has happened two more times. Alberto, Thanks for just verifing my hunch Doug


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