We need you today for fishing access tomorrow! By Bill Jakob

Bill Jakob

President Montauk Surfcasters Association

The warm Spring breeze carried the scent of lilac, hyacinth and the sweet smell of the back bay waters warming by the heightening sun. Thoughts of  Stripers, Bluefish and Weakfish danced in my head – alright it’s starting to sound like the Christmas story!

Heading off to the Bay with my 7 foot Bay rod and my shiny new VR50 loaded with 20 lb braid and my favorite lead headed rubber bait, I was hoping to get into some great light tackle action. Rounding the bend off the bypass was a street that lead down to a section of sandy beach parted by decades old dock pilings giving way to  a muddy bottom adjoining a small creek. Here I had scored well on the triple play, especially huge spring Bluefish long and lean.

Hues in silver, blue and lavender they smashed and ran like freight trains destined to Hell. Then there was the Bass, stripers sometimes pushing the twenty pound mark.

Trimmed in fresh green, flanked in stripes and silver- sporting a white belly marked from winter parasite scares. Slowly they cruise the shallow edges of the back bay looking for worms or spearing.

But the best to come was the

Weakfish ripe to spawn, fins of yellow and spotted in copper with tinges of purple and blue iridescence. Excitement welled up from somewhere deep within like a primeval desire to hunt – I couldn’t wait to step waist deep in Spring’s salty cold waters.

Pulling up to the end of the road, several shiny new white and red signs lined the street with the words; no parking- no standing !

I thought what the $&”@, where did these come from.  Driving down the block to the next access road revealed the same horror, no parking – no standing !

My dream now fully thwarted,  I was faced with illegally parking or going home. What happened I mused as I sat behind the wheel.

This is an increasing dilemma many are faced with every year.

No parking, no fishing, no parking after dark, no vehicles on the beach.

I’m one of the lucky ones having grown up on eastern Long Island having access to drive on miles of beach and fish anywhere I please. Today is quite a different picture.

Recently taking the helm of the Montauk Surfcasters Association after the passing of legendary fishing advocate Willy Young, I pledged, drawing a line in the sand that we would not lose another inch and we will take back what is ours !

I ask every surf fishing enthusiast  to join me and The Montauk Surfcasters Association to take back what is ours, paid for by our taxes. We need you today for fishing access tomorrow!

Join MSA  Surfcasters.org or find us on Facebook

Editors note

Thanks to all that stoped by SJ table at Surf Day NJ yesterday and thanks to JSS for a great organization of yet another wonderful event. We know some of you cant make to all the shows so we are putting some Fox hoodies we have, new Tools of trade long Sleeve shirts and skateboards in our store for two days only. After that they will be available only at Ward Mellvile show

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