Vetaran Day Special Giveaway…A camouflaged one of a kind ZeeBaaS ZX27 Reel

First, from all of us at the Surfcaster’s Journal Magazine let us wish you all a Happy Veteran’s Day. There is no greater service anyone can enlist in than putting their lives on the line so we the people can live safely in the greatest country in the world. We are all forever indebted to all members of our armed forces past, present and future. Regardless if you did your tour of duty in WWII or just returned from the Middle East, you are a hero to us and our families.

On this very special day, it is our distinct pleasure to announce a very special giveaway. ZeeBaaS Reels, one of the world’s premier reels for surfcasters is going to award one member of our armed forces, past or current, a very special, one of a kind digitally camouflaged ZeeBaaS ZX27 reel. The reel will be engraved with their name and branch of service.zbcamo

How do you win this very special giveaway? You can’t. Today is a day not to reflect on ourselves but to cast admirations and thanks to members of our armed forces. So you have to nominate a friend, neighbor, fishing partner, brother, sister or anyone who you admire that is a past or current armed force member and who you think it’s a special person.

We are aware that EVERY armed force member is deserving of our thanks and admiration. But we only have one reel to award. So send us a email, letter or essay. Hundred words or five thousand words, we don’t care. Tell us why you think your nominee is deserving of this special ZeeBaaS reel, what makes him a special surfcaster, friend or someone you look up to. That is it.

You spent a life time enjoying the safe life in this great country of ours without giving much thought as to why and who made it so safe. Today, take a minute to reflect , take a look at your family who is joyfully gathered around you, and nominate someone who you think its responsible for us all having a great life.

Just a few rules

  • Past or active duty veterans must be nominated by friend, family member, fishing partner, etc. If you have someone you would like to nominate, send us a email with your buddy’s name and branch of service, along with a few words of why you chose to nominate them. (its ok if you don’t know their branch of service )
  • Nominee MUST be a surfcaster. Even if you know the guy who shot Bin Laden, he won’t win if he’s a trout fisherman only.  We really want to put this reel in the hands of a Surfcaster.
  • While all who have served this country are more than deserving, we only have one prize to give so finalists will be selected by Ultra-Top Secret committee (known only by the NSA).   Winner will be selected by a random drawing of finalists.
  • Winner will be announced on Memorial Day 2014 and will receive a 1 of a kind, digital camo ZeeBaaS ZX27 with their name and branch of service engraved in the reel.
  • Send your letters, emails or essays to

We are going to be reposting this blog once a month. There is no need to send your submission today. Sit down, gather your thoughts and send us your entry. No ones life can be told in three lines typed on your IPhone


42 comments on “Vetaran Day Special Giveaway…A camouflaged one of a kind ZeeBaaS ZX27 Reel

  1. bucktail1169


  2. enrique collazo

    Well, My brother Served in the Army, a veteran of the Operation Iraqi Freedom, as well as various deployments to the Horn of Africa and South America. We were in Iraq in 03 at the same time. We grew up in Florida, surfcasting and fishing inter-coastal waterways. He is probably the most deserving of this reel. He now works on Fort Sill, OK, with Family Morale, Welfare, and Recreation.

    You wanted to know who was deserving, well, Thats my Bro, Ivan Collazo.

  3. Eric Matuzsan

    SJ, you have an awesome team there! Thank you for the kind words. I am a proud USAF Veteran

    Steve S, you’re right on!

  4. Matt H

    You guys are first class all the way!!! God bless the USA and all of the men and women who have made so many sacrifices making this the greatest country in the world!

  5. uncatim

    I knew a guy who hit the beaches from both sides. I’m pretty sure he preferred Delaware’s soft sand to Normandy’s defenses but he isn’t around to ask anymore. His 12′ one piece surf stick is hanging from my brother’s rafters & his tackle box is in my den. Tonight I’ll drink to him, to all the other veterans, & to SJ & ZeeBaaS Reels for this special giveaway.

  6. ChuckD

    Thank you to all that have served. and all the spouses that have supported those that have.

    Those who are still here with us and those lost. Even though i would love to have such a momentous reel, i would NEVER ask that anyone suggest me. If you know me, you know We already have purchased and own a few, and this is for those who would never buy one for them selves. Uncertainly, those i did know that were in to the surf are not here today……. I am sure whoever the lucky winner is will remember every brother they served with every time they cast and look at it

    Thank you to all those who have served and those who are the back-bone to the family members that do!!!

  7. Doug

    Very cool !
    We few, we happy few, we band of brothers;
    For he to-day that sheds his blood with me
    Shall be my brother.
    Thank-you all my brother and sisters “at arms”!

  8. Richard echevarria

    I nominate my friend Jay Riordan, a proud veteran of the us armed forces, also an extreme surf fisherman, I nominate him because of our friendship, and I know he would put that reel to great use.

  9. Brandi Miller

    I would like to nominate Ivan Collazo to receive the camp surf caster. He is an amazing persons and made so many sacrifices to serve our country and defend our rights. His peace of mind comes from throwing a line in, so I can’t think of a better vet to receive such a cool reward for their service to our country! Thank you, Ivan!!! 🙂

  10. Frances Pietz

    My husband Ted has been fishing from the beach for more than 55 years. The only years he did not fish was 1967 -1969 when he was in Vietnam with the Marines during the Tet Offensive of 1968. He was in Hue City during Tet. Fishing saved Ted when he returned home . He has caught many fine stripers in his day. I know he would give this reel a workout. Thank you for this fine idea to brighten up a veterans life.

  11. Timio Teran

    I’m a Vietnam Veteran; I don’t know any surfcasters to nominate; so I nominate myself. Thank You.


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