Van Staal, ZeeBaaS ,Torque ..which casts furthest ?

Sometimes I wonder if you guys just do not realize there are videos inside of the pages of the Surfcaster’s Journal Magazine. Maybe you just don’t care, which is fine too. I am not exactly Spielberg here. But I find in puzzling that only maybe a hundred guys will watch a video in the magazine.

Here is a video I did with my son few weeks ago, where my son was a cameraman. We came back from Mexico where I got spanked by casters there. In fact, my son spanked me too with Torque after just learning how to cast. I thought Torque would blow away the competition because of its spool design  but I was way off


16 comments on “Van Staal, ZeeBaaS ,Torque ..which casts furthest ?

  1. mark d

    i really like the videos but i can not watch them on my ship because the satellite internet is caveman speed.

    i was on shore the other day and went to an internet cafe where i finally watched the sj videos so i guess i am one of the hundred

    your efforts are appreciated and enjoyed

  2. Mike

    OK Z. The CTS Vapor Trail with the Van Staal 250 is my go to set up. But it hasn’t had a good work out this season. Need to find me some fish soon!!!

  3. chuckb

    I doubt this is the reason for so many not watching videos but I happen to use Chrome for most of my browsing and the videos wont run from the magazine. They will run outside of it like the one above. Fixed it by using a different browser but often i just went straight to YouTube instead of using the other browser. Thanks for the continued great videos and magazine!

    1. chuckb

      Happy to help Zeno! Its more popular with the younger crowd, which doesn’t include me:), but I have to keep up with these things in my current job!

  4. Jerry

    Is it possible that YouTube is not collecting hits when viewed from the mag? Or only collects unique hits and considers multiple views from the mag as a single user watching over and over?

  5. CTMatt

    YES I am one of the 100 haha.

    I too changed browsers and for some reason a few times it was hung up but most likely that was on my end. For the last few issues I never had a problem. Does it seem disproportionate to the amount of page views the mag actually gets? I think you make it pretty clear where the videos are.

  6. sioca

    Z, here is another tit-bit. When mag became active I immediately logged on, adjusted the settings, went to full screen (have a 27″ screen). Then started browsing through the articles, stopped at page 12-13. Clicked on the Dan Musso Interview. That’s when the trouble started. You see, it was 4:30 AM and the intro – Rock music on the video started blasting at full volume (have a 5 speaker set-up). I loved it… but the rest of the household complained loudly – shot that s@#t off, are you F@#$%&G crazy???? I had no way in lowering the volume in the full screen mag. Had to stop and hit YouTube icon on the lower right. There I was able to watch (on another window) the video full screen and control the volume without getting serious threats of being killed or fillet… I JUST GO TO YOUTUBE…. Went to work….without any injuries!!!!

    PS. Thanks the other morning, mistook (assumed) the E-Mail of poster was the going to be the tag.

  7. joe ganun

    I too was one of the hundred. I love the videos and so far have no problem accessing them from the mag.
    A question reading the three reels. Isn’t the spool on the VS 250 much bigger ( diameter ) and would that affect line coming off the spool. Maybe not enough but just a general question. The Vapor Trail may be built for a given reel size if it’s a custom build. I have read all about this stuff but basically go with, how does it feel when I hold it a few inches above the reel. Keep the videos coming.

  8. ovenrat

    at the very least the video puts to “rest” the idea that Van Staals don’t cast well

    they’re right there with the competition 🙂

  9. Chris A

    Hi Zeno

    I might be total off on this ?. But the Van Staal has a spool size of 2.75 where as the Zeebaas has a spool size of 2.5. I think it really would have made no real difference. I own a Vanstaals but also like all three. Not sure what the penn size spool. I got to say love the article and idea.

  10. Fishinthedark

    I won’t say that I have watched them all but I actually think they are great and try to watch them.
    I even go back an re watch the ones Ron has done about plug building etc., the historic ones about Montauk are mesmerizing I think they are an absolutely fantastic feature so keep coming even if only for me and the other 99 guys.
    Great job to the whole crew at SCjournal

  11. wishitwassnowing

    I always use a mobile device when reading the mag. Either an iPad or a kindle fire, both of which open videos from the mag outside the browser so I maybe I’m #101 watching the vids and your service doesn’t count the hit. The effort put into videos is appreciated and a great supplement to the online format, keep em coming.

  12. Tony

    Zeno thanks for the comparison. I for one look at all the video you publish, sometimes I forget to finish written articles because of it. Funny, I used to get Playboy to read the articles and somehow I never finished them either.


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