When I was working on the story on UNIMOG last year with Lou Derricco, the owner of the beast, his biggest concern was the reaction the readers will have. I understand many of you don’t know Lou but to understand his concern it helps to know the guy. So let me paint you a picture.

One of the moist thoughtful, friendliest, generous people you will ever come across in your life. One of the better surfcasters of this generation who travels extensively in the search of better opportunities than he might find closer to home. Someone who takes the sport very seriously yet manages to enjoy every moment with the friends.

Why am I telling you this? Because Lou’s primary concern was that the UNIMOG be featured as the fishing vehicle. Meaning that all the features were installed and added to assist in either catching fish or making life more comfortable while on the beach. This rig is definitely not made over the top with spinning disco ball and fuzzy dice hanging on the mirror. It’s a lean, mean fishing machine that tops out at …..50 mph ! 🙂

I think we accomplished our mission but there is no better way to learn about a subject then to listen to them talk to you direct.

So here it is, Lou talking about the UNIMOG


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  1. CTMatt

    I’m in to create a “donate” button just for his diesel consumption!

    Thing is over the top but when you are that serious about Surfcasting I guess nothing but the best! It makes anything else pale in comparison.

  2. Jon P

    That video was great. I couldn’t believe how many useful features were thought about to make that the absolute ultimate fishing machine. Everything was though of for that truck and I am extremely jealous that I don’t have one also, lol.

    Since I watched it yesterday, I have been thinking non-stop about ideas to help improve my Jeep to be better suited for long weekends. That was one of the most interesting fishing related videos that I have ever seen.

  3. Louie DeRicco

    I just read your blog, and I am flattered by what you wrote. You are too kind. I hope the guys who have not yet seen the truck in person can get a good feel for what went into the project.

  4. mark p

    Congrats Lou you did a great job job on the truckand I for one am extremely jealous. If you make your way to the Race again anytime soon I will say hello when I see you. What is next for that rig? A grease conversion? Very well done

  5. Janet Messineo

    looks like “CHICK BAIT” to me! Just kidding Lou. Thanks for sharing your home away from home with us. I LOVE it. I see you put a lot of time and effort into making your fishing trips more comfortable. I am lucky that I live on an island so I never get too far away from home, if I choose to leave the beach. And yes, no matter how many toys I can fit into my 4 X 4, there is always something that needs to be left out because of no room. I’m jealous! Janet

  6. TRisser

    Very nice. You can tell it is a true labor of love. I just wish I was talented enough to do something half that cool.

  7. Gilly

    WOW….I hope that thing gets put to good use. A lot of thought, work and $$$ was put into that thing.

    GREAT JOB Lou, do you need anymore friends??? LOL>…

  8. GLENN .H

    Awesome job Lou!!It’s nice to see someone that puts their heart into the sport & that truck definitely say’s it.Good luck with that beast & hopefully one day we will bump into each other…

  9. Louie DeRicco

    In response to most of the comments that I have read, I say thank you.
    To Mark P….This will be the first year in a long time that I do not think we will be up to the Cape. If we do end up going, and you see us, please say hello. If not this year, it should certainly be next year.
    To JJ…….You are right about a screaming motor up to the Cape…..Except after a few trips to Montauk we realized that any trip to the Cape would be torture. So on the trips to the Cape, we towed the Mog with my friend Tommy’s F350 diesel pickup. It actually was great in that we were able to stay in one vehicle and talk the whole trip instead of being in two seperate vehicles and not being able to talk. It has made the trips seem much quicker.
    To Janet……We actually plan to be in your neck of the woods for this year’s June moon. I’ll try to look you up. It would be nice to meet you. I am not sure if we are going to take the Mog on that trip yet.
    To Gilly……Thank you, and I always need more friends. That is what make the world go around.

  10. Janet Messineo

    Thanks Lou, I truly hope that if you get to the vineyard, PLEASE DO look me up. I would love to give you a tour of my taxidermy shop. Not as a guide but as a fellow fish fanatic, I would be happy to give you any info so you can have a sucessful trip. FYI: Any of the drivable beaches do NOT allow any “campers” or oversize vehicles. (I have a 4 X 4 with all the stickers) Please get in touch, June is perfect.

  11. Frazer Dougherty

    Lou – I am considering an older used unimog – they seem to be going for 7-10K and add a shell or fix up the rear box.

    1 – What kind of automotive help/maintenance am I going to run into on the East End of LI ??
    2 – Will the over-size keep me off any beaches ??
    3 – Did you consider going to bio-diesel ??

    Nice job –
    Frazer Dougherty
    East Hampton


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