Two piece rods..and how to take them apart

As I mentioned it on other occasions,, sometimes the videos embedded in the pages of the magazine get overlooked.
With the popularity of two piece rods today from St Croix, CTS, Century, FIber star, I thought it’s a right time to make this video public. It originally appeared in 2013 issue of the Surfcaster’s Journal Magazine.
Consequently, Tommy is putting finishing touches on the new issue, you should see it in few days.
[youtube width=”625″ height=”468″][/youtube]
ps. thank you all for your thoughts. My elbow is feeling better than I thought it would although I only been fishing a half an hour at the time. Sometimes you have to take small steps before you can run.
And yes, my first fish of the year was a devil eyed demon
Nice to see them return20140507_190218

5 comments on “Two piece rods..and how to take them apart

  1. Dooley

    I’ll add a couple of tips – SJ please feel free to give your $0.02:

    1) On top of keeping the ferrules clean – you can use the old salt trick of wiping the crease between your nose and cheek with you finger, picking up body’s natural oil. Proceed to wipe this oil on the male end of the ferrule. This helps keep it from sticking.

    2) Another method for pulling the two ends apart is to use the “squatting method.” Put the rod behind your back, grab each side of the ferrule with an underhand grip, bend over to put the rod in the crease behind your knees and then squat down – naturally pushing your arms apart. Be sure to wear rubber gloves and to not twist from a guide (like Lou mentioned). See link for picture depicting this method:

    3) I once had a rod stuck togeher and tried both, ice and the squatting method to no avail. I removed the tip of the rod which alleviated the vaccuum and was able to easily seperate it. I would suggest this in a worst case scenario.

  2. terry farrell

    Off the subject………..can anyone tell me if I change the 3 #2 hooks on a 5 inch redfin to 2 # 1 VMC hooks will it effect the swiming action of the plug


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