Two new SJ videos and one insane shark video

I want to wish all our readers Happy Passover and Happy Easter. As I mentioned before, we have few things we are working on. First was the STRIPERTHON 2015 Catch And Release Contest sponsored by PENN Reels. This year we will have a Spring and Fall contest for you guys so that is something to look forward to. Few more things to be unveiled in the upcoming week so stay tuned

For now , here are two new videos, one shot at RISAA show recently and the other shot last year but somehow never published. I never did say I was the smartest tool in the shed

We had a pleasure of having our booth at RISAA this year next to these two ladies. They make some awesome fishing art. Check it out  [youtube][/youtube]

You ever had your batteries die in the middle of the night (yes, of course you should always have a spare light on you). You ever had your spare light die ? I did

You ever found yourself away from home or store (like pre 7/11 in Montauk) without batteries?

Yes, little things like batteries seem insignificant to worry about it when you have DMag plug in your bag that you bought on eBay last week for $200..but I’ll tell you what. When that light dies you’ll never see those sharp hooks coming in the direction of your face at night. What, for $200 you expected dull hooks?


As for the shark got to watch this is you are a hard core surfcaster!


4 comments on “Two new SJ videos and one insane shark video

  1. Gene

    I’ve used rechargeable NiMD/NiCd batteries in my digital camera but found that they do not give as much power as “regular” batteries and they loose their rechargeability after awhile.

    I like the shark video.

  2. Joe GaNun

    Those guys chasing the sharks looked like they were having a ball trying not to catch one. great video.

  3. charlie_p

    The shark fishing looks like fun. However, in my mind I have a deal with sharks. I don’t catch them and they don’t catch me. So far, so good.


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