Tsunami Elite Airwave new rods

Few weeks I told you about two new plugging rod that are joining others in Tsunami Elite Airwave line up. Actually I told you about them in February at River’s End Show when I’ve seen prototypes Tsunami Rep Nick Cicero brought to the show. I thought it was very interesting rod for under $200

I finally got my hands on some to test in August, a ten foot  Airwave Elite TSAWESS1062MH rated 1 to 3 1/2 ounce and a 9 foot Airwave Elite TSAWESS962m rated 3/4 to 3 ounce.

As you know, I took the ten footer down to the beach and on a first cast landed this 14 pound bluefish. I loved the way the rod felt but I did not have time to put it to further testing as I had to leave the country for a trip with my son.


And this is where Lou Caruso our Rod Guru comes in. You can contact Lou trough his website at www.louscustomrods.com at any time. I gave both rods to Lou and told him “play with this” and I went away.

Now, let me make something clear. On multiple occasions over these four years  I asked Lou if he thought we should do a video review of a product. And on some occasions he said yes, but on many more occasions he said he rather not. You have to understand, Lou is an old school type dude. If he does not have anything nice to say, he rather just not say it. Which would be awesome skill if we could teach to many of todays internet keyboard fisherman.

I understand where he is coming from. He does not want to put his name to just about every rod on the market. Because after all they can’t all be possibly worth the praise. And even when he said that he would like to do a video, I avoided asking him questions about it until after we shot the thing. I don’t know about you, but I’d hate to be the guy who puts words in his mouth. After all, he is the expert, not I. I am just a camera dude.

So I was a little bit,  but not totally surprised, when Lou said let’s do a Tsunami Elite video on these two new models. These  are in my uneducated opinion much more of a “plugging rods” than the models they have had in the past. So we did, we hooked up Sunday morning, got eaten alive by no seeumms, shot the video on Tsunami, plug bag modification, leaders in the surf, how to use a manual bail, how to unlock bonded two piece rod and how to set the two piece rod properly. Yeah, we are busy bees…and on a “Labor Day’

I think i might have to call my union rep to check if this was Kosher.

Here is the video of Tsunami Airwave Elite models, you’ll get a lot for under $200. I am pretty sure Nick from Tsunami will be at the Fisherman Show next Thursday in Huntington


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