Today is a special day

On December 7th, 2009, the inaugural issue of the Surfcaster’s Journal Magazine was published.
That marks today as a 1 year Anniversary of the publication.
Our sincerest thanks to our friends, fans and readers for encouragement and praise over this incredibly satisfying yet insanely busy 365 days.
Issue #5 of the Surfcaster’s Journal Magazine is due momentarily, as soon as we sober up from celebrating this event.
We couldn’t have done this with you. You are the reason we try so hard

42 comments on “Today is a special day

  1. CTMatt

    This blog/journal has really helped me get the most out of surfcasting and enjoy the sport to the max as well as being a responsible activist to a small degree. Winning some swag on the side is just icing on the cake!

  2. Tony Politi

    What are you wasting time thanking us for? You’re doing us a favor by putting out such a good magazine. Now get back to work and get the next issue out, LOL.

  3. Mike S.

    You, Tommy, and the rest of the SJ Crew are the ones deserving of our sincere thanks! What you guys have accomplished is awesome and simply speaking as one small part of this great surfcasting community …. I’d personnaly like to thank you!

    Great job guys, PLEASE keep up the great work.


  4. Ed

    Congratulations on your anniversary. May your efforts be rewarded.

    On a somber note, today is also another anniversary. Fly your flags proudly and thank a vet.

    God speed to all who were lost in Pearl Harbor 69 years ago. We will never forget the sacrifices of those who served to preserve our freedom.

    No greater gift than to risk life and limb for another.

  5. backlash

    Congrats to you all of you on your first year anniversary! Wow, that went fast! You all deserve a hugh pat on the back for all the effort, heart, and soul you all put into this magazine! Fine job! Looking forward to many more!

  6. Charlie M

    The SJ crew does a really great job. All the congrats are well deserved. Best of luck to all the future issues!

  7. Sam Lee

    Congratualions and Happy Anniversary. Incicentally, it’s my dad’s birthday today. He’s having a rough time dealing with some liver issues; please keep him in your thoughts.

  8. Rich m

    congrats guys thanks for all your opinions on products,on great stories through the year awesome contest hopefully next year i will get to include my own pics

  9. Don Brown

    Congrats and thanks.This magazine is truly the best and very generous with your give aways as well.Thank you for that to.May this next year be an even greater one as well.

  10. Ed M

    Congratulations guys. We all realize the hard work and dedication you put into the magazine and the blog. Both enrich the lives of us surfcasters. May your inspiration continue for years to come!

  11. Mike R

    Your site and mag are the only things I read that make me excited about coming back each spring to L.I. from my Fiji place.

  12. Madmedic

    Z, It has been an awesom eyear man ! I cant wait for another year and so on and so on !!! I will always remeber man being in the first edition of Surf Caster Journal….. Kevin


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