To Log or not to Log..that is the question

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Tomorrow Commando Bag winner announcement…If I don’t freeze to death before. Yesterday all our temporary water pipes froze on a construction site. Guys were shiting in buckets like they were in the old country. You think they would pay a pipe coverer to insulate the pipes?…wait, I am a pipe coverer and I was there. Wonder why no one asked me ? Hmm, trying to save few $ and hope to get through the winter without this happening? Stepping on dollars to pick up pennies if you ask me

I got to ask this because it’s been on my mind lately. And when you see the video below you will know why. How many of you keep a log book? And how many of you are actually using it to analyze data?

I know it’s not the easiest thing to get into but boy, once you spend 10 minutes playing with John Skinners  Log  Program you will be a convert. Did I mentioned you can download the trial version for free and check out the videos on how to use it at

By all means do so, but first check out this video





Btw…I know some of you have asked…John Skinners new book, Fishing the Bucktail is now available as an EBook for your Ipad, Iphone, Kindle, Nook or whatever your heart desires.

You can click on the picture and it will take you right to the Amazon listing…World is changing fast…enjoy







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15 comments on “To Log or not to Log..that is the question

  1. Mohamed I

    I’ve attempted to keep a log book on several occasions but most of the time I get caught up with something or I’m too tired after a long trip. I’ve been meaning to download that program I just need to make sure it’s Mac Compatable. I remember seeing the article/advertisement for it in one of your issues. I think maybe a more in depth article on how to analyze the logs and reports may give some of us fishermen a better understanding and desire to keep a log. Just my thoughts anyways. On a side note, I’ve already started the year with 3 bass under my belt as of 1/2/2012. I can’t believe they are still here. Happy new year to the SJ team and community.

  2. Toby lapinski

    Ok, I am sold. If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video must be worth what, a million? Thanks once again Z!

  3. Zeno Post author

    Toby, its probably the best thing any fisherman can do to improve the catch rate..this program has been around for awhile now. When John was over my house to do a video about bucktails I suggested we do a video on his log. He has done videos before on how to use it but I thought it would be neat to hear him say why do it…glad you enjoyed the video

  4. mike

    been using the fisher log for 3 years now and i wouldnt be with out it if u keep a log you HAVE to get this its wel worth it!!!!

  5. bob jones

    insulation is only good if the pipe is ‘heat traced’. read the electricians contract.
    ever the super. mr j

  6. Robert McC

    As a construction work my dad said the only thing worst than work is not working. Days like yesterday Z, we question that, more so when you get a mac attack.

    I`m not good at logging, I got CRS, can`t remember sh*t, Johns logging system is just what the Doctor ordered,
    I`m in :}

  7. chuckg

    I used to keep a fairly comprehensive log and cut out the weather report form the Providence Journal and glued it in the respective page from that night’s fishing, I may start again, my log got lost in a move and I just didn’t continue with it…

  8. brian florek

    I kept a log for about 7 years. I tracked the moon tide current apogee perigee date # of fish sketched location of fish caught time etc etc up until about a year ago. 1 night I said I don’t feel like doing this and haven’t done it since.

  9. Dave W.

    I still keep a log book just so I can go back and re-live some past good and bad excursions.
    I may buck up and get this program since I spend the time logging anyway.


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