Tip Of The week Video- Hook and Guides

Traveling around with my daughter doing music college auditions ย is sucking the life out of me, like this weekend drive around the storm to Rochester, NY. But seeing her not only nail the darn thing but get professors excited about having her as student is gratifying (and humbling)

Here is a simple video, about things that we all know but sometimes we don’t follow up on it.

See you guys at Surf Day this weekend

3 comments on “Tip Of The week Video- Hook and Guides

  1. Joe GaNun

    Seems so obvious but, like everything else in life sometimes no so obvious. Took me a couple of years to figure that one out. Then I threw a few plugs into the abyss, had two mysterious break off etc. All on a dark Montauk night a few years ago. Cracked second guide where I was placing the trebles. Also broke the tip guide when I fell but that’s anothercostly adventure.

  2. jimmy z

    Getting to Rochester in that storm must have been a trip. Glad to hear your daughter made out well, proud papa!
    Anyhow, I see guys still doing that with the hook on the ceramic ring. That’s a good post Z, for all, not just the novice.

  3. Don R

    I’m a VS guy but always liked the little hook hanger on the ZB. Made my own using a zip tie with the extra wire loop fastened around my reel stems. Works like a charm ๐Ÿ™‚


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