Tip of the Week # 17 -Protecting your casting finger

As promised New Tip Of the Week

This time on protecting the finger

Will try to roll these out on a weekly basis going forward



4 comments on “Tip of the Week # 17 -Protecting your casting finger

  1. jimmy z

    Good info for you guys who use those easy to cast spinning reels. I cast the good old fashioned way, with a conventional! lol
    But it’s food info as always Z, keep up the good work

    1. Andy Kendrick

      Hey Jimmy.
      Using a 2″ to 3″ length of inner tube for a bicycle, you can help protect your thumb nicely from the knot joining your main line and leader.


  2. TonyF

    Been using a 1″ piece of inner tube for years it works great. Visit a local bike shop and they’ll give you an old tube for free and it will last you a long time.

  3. TedC

    Might be worth noting how important your drag plays in cutting your finger. more often than not, you’ll get cut when your drag slips a little bit on the cast– the line acts like a band saw on your finger! This can often happen when you switch over to a new, heavier lure like a diamond jig. And because a lot of us like to cast that metal into the wild blue yonder– we really get into those first couple casts to finally reach that water that “clearly all the hungry fish are waiting in”.

    While your drag was set ok for the lighter lures, the drag might be set light for the heavier metals, and this is usually when the bad cuts happen as those first big casts on metals reveal a slip in the drag, and the braid slices right into a water logged finger.

    I’ve never used hockey tape– I use Bantex cohesive tape– it’s actually made to wrap on your fingers for wood carving guys to protect fingers from RAZOR sharp blades (which is how I found it). Great stuff. Super cheap, holds up against water. It has no glue, the coating on the tape sticks to itself. If you keep the roll in your bag and it falls in the water no big deal, the roll holds up over time and in high heat during the summer or in storage with no mess. Search online for it, I usually buy a pack of a dozen and give them out to friends. A single roll lasts a very long time.


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