Tip of the Week # 16 – Roy Leyva, on striped bass stocks


Funny that the day after I uploaded this video with Roy’s thoughts on striped bass . I’ve read about another attack on striped bass forage food, bunker . Get this , someone commissioned a study that concluded that stripers only eat juvenile bunker. Who sponsor the study? The people behind harvesting the adult bunker from our oceans

You got to read this for yourself


Please visit and contact your Commissioner

Enjoy the video..more videos coming up

One comment on “Tip of the Week # 16 – Roy Leyva, on striped bass stocks

  1. fishtrek

    With the limit now being set at 1 fish per day maybe it would be a good idea for a metal tag to be issued to the fisherman so that the fish is tagged just like deer are tagged during their season. Only one tag will be issued at a time and a new one can not be obtained till the used one is turned in along with a few scales from the fish so DNA can be run and the fish can be aged along with size and rough area of the catch. This will than start a needed hard data base for Stripe Bass. To keep the Federals out of it, it would need to be administered at the state level.


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