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This weekend didn’t quite go the way I planned, but you try to make most of it. I did the seminar at Fisherman Conservation Association in Staten Island on Saturday and had a great a great time. Thank you to those who showed up to hear me speak. After that, I made a beeline for home and went to my daughter concert at Tiles Center which was another fantastic performance by the Nassau/Suffolk youth band.

The plan on Sunday was to head up to the Islandia show on Long Island with Tommy. We figured on a yearly trip and then spend the rest of the day waiting for a big game. Our plans changed as we attend our friend’s Mark memorial service which was quite touching. After it was over we decided to take a ride anyway out east and spend an hour  there..or so I thought…It ended up being a lot more than an hour

The fascinating part about these shows is that many are quick to whine that they are either small, wrong time, there are no deals. What they don’t see is the work that goes in putting this together. All done by volunteers, people who don’t mind spending a weekend helping vendors and insuring that show goes without a hitch. My hat is off to all of those who jump in and lend a helping hand, regardless if its NY, NJ, CT, RI, MA or show in some other place.

I spent some time talking to Rich from CTS Rods. He had a new Vapor stick out in one piece. I got to be honest here and many of you will disagree with me but so be it, not the first time. I have a same rod in two piece configuration. I never ,ever felt that I wanted this rod in one piece. Yes, it’s that good. Not only the CTS but my St Croix Legends too. But I can see some of you wanting the one piece and I am cool with that.

For the non believers out there, I will give you this … case you wondering if my intention is to push an inferior products on readers. Ask yourself, would I really fish with inferior stick and just swallow my tongue? I don’t own a one piece rod . I sold every single one out of a dozen that I had last year. Gone…To me, one piece rods is not a requirement any more. Especially since I couldn’t get the performance out of the rods in one piece like I do from CTS and St Croix and Gloomis. Now CTS has one piece, so I guess some of you might actually give it a try. Don’t do it on my account…all I can tell you is that I love all my two piece rods equally

I also spent few minutes in Rhode Island Poppers booth admiring some insanely sick exotic wood that Armand brought to the show. I did not see him there at the time, unfortunately I ran into him as I was already late for dinner so I only had a minute to chat. See you at the next show pal…his display was alone worth coming.

I spend some time talking to Mike from Century rods. Some impressive stuff from these guys too. I never had a chance to cast one yet but it’s incredible how much power these rods have and yet they are so thin and light. Hopefully I will be able to attend one of their events and do some hands on casting. I did get a kick out of the 15 footers that he had for tournament casting..I can see those under the Light in MTK…….NOT….lol

All in all, a quick weekend, but a fantastic Super bowl. My hats is off to both Giants and Patriots for keeping the game tight and interesting till last minute.

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5 comments on “This and that

  1. Jeremy A

    You said it Z, and you’re a classy guy for not bragging:)
    No matter which team you liked it was a fantastic game, just like the last time they met. If only all Super Bowls were that good.

  2. Rich m

    had a busy weekend also mostly paperwork and prepareing for big game party. stopped at show for a little while on fri nite caught bob bott seminar on getting some more distance with his style of rigs with slashdown sinkers and breakaway clips wich happened to be what i was making also. also armand talked about his new sandeel made of composit materials and how to work different needlefish floating and sinking effectively. thats why i go i enjoy seminars never stop learning right? had a few minutes on sunday to meet my cousin there for monster fluke seminar on football game did you here anouncer say (these guys should play every sunday) best line ever

  3. Dennis

    He had that 15 footer with the Daiwa millionaire mag on it, id love to just watch someone cast that sucker lol. Congrats to the Giants, hopefully b4 my time ends ill get to watch the Jets do it.

  4. Rob Cohn

    I was at the show in the morning Sat- sorry I missed you Zeno. . Looked at the new Rods- talked to John Skinner- the guy from Blue Frog Bucktails. Good to see Lou Caruso. Talked to a bunch of people. Before Christmas I bought a Century FMJ blank from Mike K. good to see Mike and his crew. Had a good time. Its not just about getting a bunch of deals at shows- its the friends you make in our surfcasting world.

    Looking forward to the NJ Surf show.


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