Things are perking up


By now, the bluefish should be found in just about any place in northeast, creating the havoc as they are known to do. The striper migration although slow this spring has improved dramatically in last few days.

Yes, the New Jersey surfcasters are still reaping the bounty of countless schools of bunker along their shores. They don’t come close to the beach all the time but when they do …watch out. Few days ago big stripers pinned the bunker between the jetties resulting in one of the most memorable days in recent history. After speaking at the seminar in Seaside Heights last night I came to realization that most New Jersey surfcasters are not aware that once these bunker schools and big pods of overgrown stripers that follow them, leave NJ waters they never make a landfall in New York…or any other place to be exact. I guess it’s God’s way of paying back hard working NJ surfcasters for saddling them with sky high taxes…or McGreevy…or mullet heads. Stop by or call Fisherman’s Headquarters in NJ for info if you need any. They are good people and have been supporters of SJ since we started this publication

Story is that bass are stacked like cordwood in some places around Buzzards Bay. Sometime this month the Cape Cod Canal will lit up like the skies on the Fourth of July when stripers start feeding on mackerel in the canal. There is a very good story by DJ Muller in this issue of the Surfcaster’s Journal that describes the scene and how to cash in on this phenomenon.

One of the participants of our Seminar Series that we conducted this winter let us know that he nailed his personal best of the rock somewhere on eastern portion of Long Island few nights ago. Forty Pound plus was a verdict and yes, the fish went back into the drink to swim another tide. I guess the Seminars helped :-)…Congrats pal.

If you know where to look CT has had a good bite for weeks now. Some will say more like months…mum is the word as access in CT is defiantly more difficult that most other places. Just go into River’s End Tackle and ask for Pat, he’s got as good pulse on the fishery as anyone in that area. I would like to again thank him for inviting me to speak at his Surf Day in April. It a defiantly an even that I look forward to (especially when others are

Our smallest state Rhode Island has had an influx of schoolies last few weeks and bigger fish are starting to trickle in. Once the sand eels get established look for Red Gill teasers to become ubiquitous. I for one am thrilled that they are back on the store shelves in USA once again after somewhat of an absence or scarcity at least. Nothing that I’ve ever used, a feather, bucktail or rubber was ever as effective as a Red Gill teaser. Granted, in recent years I shied away from using the teasers at all as I use rigged eels a lot and I prefer not to use teasers in conjunction. But take a Bomber or a Super Striker needlefish, attach a Gill and watch out.

I know many of you appreciate the of writings by our renowned chef, Andrew Chase. His mouthwatering recipes have made Surfcaster’s Journal even better publication then it was.

You know that he is a dedicated surfcaster, right?

But do you know to what extent he would go to get the freshest ingredients for his recipes?


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  1. Irish

    Z I know you love to throw riggies. Does this time of year and the presence of the blues stop you from throwing eels, or is the chance of a big girl worth the destruction of your riggies.


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