The winner of the Pelican ProGear Elite Cooler Catch & Release contest.

The new issue of the Surfcaster’s Journal Online Magazine is finished, Tommy is just putting few finishing touches on it and ironing some details. Look for it in next few days.

Four new videos, including a video from John Skinner, articles from Zambrotta, Diagnault, Skinner, Papciak, Anderson, Jakob, Gaddis, Lomonaco, Albano, Caruso, Crazy Al, Pintauro and few other things.


First, the winner of Pelican Cooler Catch & Release contest.

Yes, its been a challenging spring for many of our readers. But we did get few submissions and we thank you all for sending them in. We wanted to award the cooler to someone who submitted a picture that illustrates what we do and what we believe in. Fish that was released, and a picture with composition that truly reflect the beauty of this sport


The winner of Pelican Elite Pro Gear cooler is Mike Roy. He nailed this 42 pound beauty on the south side of Cuttyhunk Island few weeks ago and fish was released to swim another tide. Congratulations to Roy and thanks to Pelican Products for not only making this possible by providing the Elite cooler but for making the most insanely built cooler we ever tested.


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