The stinky stuff

Vito is not going to be happy…but it’s better than sitting on the couch. Since casting a big rod is out of the question I bought some bunker and headed to Jones Beach during the week. I wish I could tell you that I caught a giant fish or even a lot of fish, but that would be embellishing the truth. The fact is, I had one runoff which I missed and the rest of the time I spent with a stinky thumb up my @#%.

Yea, bunker chunking is a tough sport…on your back. I never could get used to spiking the rod, I have to hold it the whole time and this is a murder on your back. Oh, wait I didn’t tell you I hurt my back at work? How about tweaking my shoulder while trying to get a wrench under the sink the other day?

Yeah, I am mess. But I can’t just stay home and hence my foray back into chunking. At least till my follow up doctor appointment in ten days or so. As I stood there like a statute I kept reminiscing about the old days. Not really that old, just few years ago when Silver Fox and I used to hammer big bass on chunks in June. I kind of got away from that last few years, but it might be something to look forward to if my fallingapartbody does not show some sign of improvement.

The most startling part was were I was. I would never fished up “front” in first week in May. Yup, I read reports from Fisherman’s Headquarters and Grumpy’s just like you guys and see the damage clams can do. But it’s never been my style. Besides I know that the bite on plugs will be either in the North Shore harbors or even better, in the State Channel on South Shore where I can be relatively left alone. Or at least until horseshoe crabs try to mate with my boot. At which point I will run out of the water like a girl screaming “Awwwww…gross”. Ha-ha…..I can’t stand those things, I know they are harmless but I just can’t deal with them. That and heights, two things I can’t deal with.

I know it’s just a matter of time. We are a week or two behind in schedule and water temperatures, but the big fish will be here soon , and then I feel the bunker chunks will come into their own up front. Till then, for me at least, any place inside the inlet is where I would like to be, if I could.

Lack of big skinny bluefish is a bit perplexing but hopefully they too are delayed by temperatures. It’s very hard NOT to enjoy those big racers crushing your plugs on every single cast. I know that bluefish are in the bays already but the action has been sporadic at best. I am used to , when they get going, walking away from them because my hands hurt. Then again, I am used to feeling like my age and not like a retiree.

I came across this reel on the Facebook today. It’s made by fortitude fishing and it supposedly retail price is $499. I have no idea if its sealed or what the specs are. They do have a website at

I was just curious…as I am sure many of you are



a reply from co to one of our blog readers

The need for waterproof or completely sealed reels has been rendered obsolete by Fortitude due to the prolific use of titanium in our reels, which is impervious to saltwater corrosion.  There is no longer any risk of saltwater damage from corrosion to the internal workings of the reel’s mechanical systems which are further enhanced by the application of UHMW (ultra-high-molecular-weight-polyethylene) and other technical engineering innovations.  The lack of corrosion allows for the efficient application of less limiting, yet highly water resistant seals, which in turn allow for much smoother reel performance.  Fortitude reels can not only be submerged in saltwater but if stored underwater for a year they can simply be picked up and used with no deterioration in performance.  Our virtually maintenance free titanium reels do not ever need to be rinsed with fresh water after use, hence our Lifetime Guarantee.


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  1. Yoda2828

    That sucks about your back, hope you feel better. I’m sidelined til next weekend , just got a vasectomy :O. It’s funny that you mentioned the horseshoe crabs. I had an orgy going on on my right boot the other night. But it seems everytime there around I usually catch fish. So much so that if I’m scouting I’ll look for them. I’ve found spots that I would have never fished if they weren’t there. But I still don’t see why they find my boot so attractive. My feet can’t stink that bad 🙂

  2. Vito Orlando

    Z, I am very happy to find that you have gone to The Dark Side. I now have a better chance of catching a few fish as There Is Now,” One Less Plug In The Rip”. Hope you heal soon. Stay well.


  3. Gene

    Sorry, Z. for all your troubles. I started getting into surf fishing a few years ago and started with chunking. First by leaving the rod in the spike then I watched guys to the left and right of me catching stripers but thery were holding the rod. Since then, I began to hold the rod all the time. It makes a big difference. I wear one of these $20 wrap around bback supports. Maybe it will help you while you stand.

    Good luck at the doctors

  4. GregO

    I e mailed fortitude fishing and got this reply,

    Thank you for your interest in Fortitude and our titanium fishing equipment. Presently we are building a dealer base which will begin to be listed by zip code on our website in June. If you are a retailer that would like to become a Fortitude dealer please let us know. If you are not a retailer please feel free to have your preferred retailer contact us at as initial production is limited. The majority of our products, including the titanium spinning reels, will be available for purchase from retailers this November.

    Presently, the specific reel weights are confidential but they are roughly 20-35% lighter than the various high-end competitor’s reels.
    rtitude fishing and got this reply


    Keep on truckin Z!

    There is always a new reel around the corner…

    Whether or not it is sealed IMHO, salt builds up on any gear and will eventually bring them to a slow grind due to build up in the grease from salt/sand. It does not matter if the gears are made from a metal found on the planet krypton, salt/sand build up inside an unsealed case kills the proper action of the reel.


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