The Rattle… and a plug giveaway

Note: the volume of the video clip was increased so you can hear it..the actual noise level is much lower…..
One of the best things about ย jumping into the Adriatic Sea is that the water is crystal clear. My son helped me with doing some short video clips. Unfortunately we only brought few lures with us. To be honest, the few lures that we brought dwarfed most fish we’ve seen and the only reason I brought them was to maybe do some underwater stuff.

Looking at one clip, something jumped at me. I never really gave much thought about how loud the rattle might be in the lures that have them. I am primarily talking about Guides Choice Bunka Boy because that is the of the four lures we brought with us.

The rattle is quite loud…I cranked up the volume on the underwater clip and I hope you guys can hear it.


ย [youtube][/youtube]


Of course, as its custom here at the blog, we will give you a chance to win one of these lures, courtesy of Guides Choice lures. You can see their entire line of lures at


Figs NOT included ๐Ÿ™‚

130 comments on “The Rattle… and a plug giveaway

  1. Toby Lapinski

    I’m in! It’s funny, some times I like a good rattle in my plugs, sometimes I won’t fish a certain plug just because it has rattles. Who knows?

  2. Gilly

    Hearing the sounds from this video clip, it makes me wonder if at some point, too much “noise”…is actually too much “noise”. I’ve always been under the impression that the vibration from these “noisy” lures was what actually drew the fish to them. Not the actual noise itself, but the “vibration” Do you think at some point, too much of this “noise” would reverse the desired affect?

    I’m in ๐Ÿ™‚

    Rattle-traps have always worked for me, so it doesn’t appear that the sound-barrier has been brokent yet.

  3. RatherBeInRI

    I’m in please. I almost never fish anything that makes that amount of noise… It certainly makes you wonder why a bass would be attracked to it. Especially when many people think such unatural sounds would spook a fish, obviously not.

  4. p

    I think fish strike for more reasons than hunger… sometimes they strike out of annoyed aggression… drag a loud plug by a bass a few times, and it may try to crush it the way you swat at a fly buzzing by your head while you sit on the couch. If I ever catch a talking bass, I will interview it and report back with my findings.

    Anyways, seeing as I just won a mega prize from SJ which included 2 Bunka boys, I will sit this one out and let someone else win this great plug.

    As always, thanks for the opportunities!


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