The new Surfcaster’s Classic Catch & Release Tournament

Our managing editor Dave Anderson is launching a new kind of catch and release tournament at

Visit the website by clicking on a link and get all the details. He is writing a post that will explain why, what and where and he will answer any  questions you might have


3 comments on “The new Surfcaster’s Classic Catch & Release Tournament

  1. mikebfishn

    This is great ….pushing C&R tourneys and putting awesome names like SJ and others behind it has to push people in the right direction. If surfcasters actually saw the numbers of killed fish for tourneys i think it would make them sick. Recreational fisherman as a whole are doing quite a number on our beloved friend.

  2. Ken

    Hi Zeno , I am so happy to hear that someone is finally thinking – catch and release . It’s about time we stop killing the breeders just so we can have bragging rights and a photo in front of the local tackle shop . If we expect to catch any bass in the future this is the path we must take .


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