The new issue of the Surfcaster’s Journal is up for your viewing pleasure

The new issue of the Surfcaster’s Journal is up for your viewing pleasure.


Stories from

Crazy Alberto Kine

Bill Jakob

Zach Harvey

Dave Anderson

Frank Pintauro

John Skinner

Big Rock

Rod Guru Lou Caruso

Roger Marin

Al Albano

John Papciak

Chef Chris Blouin

Introducing new column “Ask Alberto” by Crazy Alberto

Bunch of new videos

More than 188 pages of surf fishing heaven sprinkled with some magic dust by our own resident genius, Art Director Tommy Corrigan.


One little change to announce. You can now download the issue for offline reading on your laptop, PC or Mac. I am pretty confident that by Next issue you will be able to download it to your tablet and phone and also pinch/zoom on your tablets. We were hopping for this issue but these shows are leaving us no time to breathe. We will be at Somerset Saltwater Expo this weekend at booth #10 and at RISAA in Providence in few weeks. Stop by and pick up any shirt, free with your renewal or new subscription.

And last and not least, many of you have an expired SJ subscription for variety of reasons, maybe your card was expired or you subscribed at the shows but did not do it this year. When you log into your account click on “Main Page” tab and if it says  “You have no active subscription”  you need to renew to read the new issue

C’mon spring…..sick of this weather

10 comments on “The new issue of the Surfcaster’s Journal is up for your viewing pleasure

  1. andy_k

    Well done Gents. Excellent work!!

    If I had a complaint, and that’s a big “if”, it would be that I cannot get to the states to attend one of the venues you’ll be at. Not least of all to get my free shirt 😉

    Great work and good luck with the future venues 🙂

  2. eelskinner

    I am so glad I stopped by SJ’s booth last year @ the RI show! subscribed for the first time,and will be renewing for as long as SJ exists.

  3. andy_k

    I just watched the Boga “surgery” article by Lou Caruso again.
    Correct me if I am wrong here, but did Lou forget to put the “washer” back into the newly assembled Boga? If so, then good on him!! I thought it was only me who made cock-ups like that 😀 Lol.


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