The lack of bite locally and a Big Fish bite in other places

This has been a weird spring for me. With all the talk of season “running few weeks late” that I heard anywhere I went this spring, it did not feel that way to me. My May was awesome by my standards and the beginning of the June was just a continuation of excellent bite locally. Then we went to Cuttyhunk and the whole s*!# fell apart. We fished in  brown water for four days there and we been fishing in the brown water since we got back locally too. I spoke to guys in Fire Island and Jones inlet and they report similar results. Slow is the word.

No, I am not saying the world is coming to an end, just that this is vey “un-June” like around here. It almost feel like we hit summer doldrums early. Is it the full moon, the lack of bait, less fish around to make a sustained spring run? No idea.

But don’t take my words as a sign that there is no bite anywhere. Quite contrary. I think I’ve heard of a dozen fish over 40 pounds that came off Block Island waters in a last week of so. Yes, these are mostly boat fish.

What about the surf?

What is across Block Island Sound ?

Yup, the Mecca, Montauk Point and it has coughed up a nice number of fish between thirty and fifty pounds in the last week.


Here is a picture from few days ago (courtesy of Paulie’s Bait and Tackle) of John Bruno and Mike Coppola with 41 and 46 pounds respectively.


And here is a  picture of Surfcaster’s Journal Magazine contributor Bill Jacobs (courtesy of Paulie’s Bait and Tackle)  with a 48 striper from last night. Caught on Super Strike Darter.sw


Consequently, Mr. Jacobs has a story titled Montauk Madness appearing in the new issue of the Surfcaster’s Journal in two weeks.

So yeah, there is a bite somewhere, you guys just have to find it. We do wish some of these cow’s were still swimming but we also  respect each individual’s right to do what their conscience tells them.

4 comments on “The lack of bite locally and a Big Fish bite in other places

  1. BigFishLarry

    Canal has been friggin’ horrible last 2 sets of breaking tides…..just absolutely dead!!! Very, very Un-June like for sure!

  2. Robert k.

    Nothing as big as the slobs in mtk but the weekend clam boys. By me have been nailing keeper size bass every day. During the day ? I gotta see whats around at night.


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