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it is really hard not to get excited about fishing when listening to Montauk Surf Guide Bill Wetzel


his website atย is one of the few ” subscriber only” sites on the web. What do you get for $30 or so bucks a year?
You get to read his report, every single time he gets out. Which is often
you get some good, smart and educational change of information on the boards and because they are no sponsors, you get unbiased info. Plus he runs a hell of a Bass Tourney every year for subscribers…but his reports alone are worth their weigh in gold
Billy should write a book…or even better. Make a movie

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7 comments on “The Guide

  1. Jim J.

    Every time I watch a video with Mr. Wetzel I cant do anything but soak up what he has to say and wish I was on the water. thanks for the video.

  2. Tom @ Commando

    Wetzel is the real deal… Can’t say enough good things about this guy or the knowledge ALREADY available in his forums….. And it its not there ASK and he will answer….

  3. Rich B.

    My favorite “Living Legend”. His passion for the sport is unmatched and very contagious. I relate to his “no frills” approach; nothing fancy – just knowledge, experience, bucktails, and plastic lures.

  4. Bill Wetzel

    Wow! Did not expect this. Thanks you for all the kind words, and thank you Zeno for the nice plug of our tournament. The tournament runs through June and covers the entire east coast making catch and release possible. During the last three years we have had a 46, 55, and 63lber as our winners. There are some really passionate folks among the Surf Rat Ball forums including your host here at SCJ. Following the tourney we have our annual Shin Dig where we have thousands of dollars in prizes to raffle off and all proceeds go to Camp Adventure, which is a camp located on shelter Island for kids with cancer to get away from it all. Thanks again!


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