Thank you… to a special friend

bunch of stuff rattling in my head but first things first.

We go through life meeting a lot of people. At work, on a beach, at home, even on vacations. Very few of them become more than people we know and only selected few become lifelong close friends. I am fortunate in some many ways with my wife and kids but I am also fortunate that I got to meet so many great people over the years.

Like our resided Chef Andrew Chase. I might have met hand full of people over the years that made an impact on me only though their friendship. It’s like I told you few month ago about Steve McKenna, we see each other rarely but he always made me feel he was only a phone call away. Andrew makes me feel the same way. He was with us from day one, giving us idea, encouraging us, helping in any way. He got a surfcasting bug late in life but I’ve meet very few who got bitten harder than him or who are more passionate about surfcasting. Andrew these days has a full plate with expansion of Cafe Katja after major construction and some personal stuff that he is dealing with at home. This upcoming issue will be Andy’s last regular column on cooking and all of us at SJ are thankful for all his writing and support over the years. We owe Andy a debt of gratitude and more than anything, on personal level, I am grateful to be able to call him a friend. I know we have some other very skilled and talented chefs on this blog, if any of you would like to contribute, please drop me a line at Of course, this go for all of our readers.


Number two is kind of trivial and comical in the same breath. Out of curiously, after getting spanked in Mexico on casting distance by locals I grabbed camera, my son and went to a football field. I took zb25 , vs 250 and torque 5 and spooled them all with identical 30lb invisabraid from spiderwire. We then used the  same rod, CTS Vapor Trail to cast a Super Strike Heavy Little Neck Popper without hooks five times with each reel. We then took an average out of five casts to be fair. Which reels cast the furthest? I was going to upload the video to YouTube but then I changed my mind. I will have Tommy embed it into the September issue of the Surfcaster’s Journal. It’s only fair that our subscribers get a first shot.

What else is in the upcoming issue? How about 40 minute video Interview with Super Strike Legendary Lure Maker Don Musso? We already featured a shorter article interview in another issue but this is the long version. Basically anything you ever wanted to know about Super Strike and Don, from his childhood, to carving wood at home, to his relationship with Dan and cause of split, to block island green needlefish, Campo and all other kinds of stuff. You going to need a large beverage and comfortable chair.Its like 60 Minutes for Surfcasters:-) Stay tuned.



Fisherman Show is on tap in few weeks. Here is the press release


The Fisherman Magazine’s  Annual Surf Fishing Show and Seminar, is slated for Thursday night, September 12, at the Huntington Hilton (quarter mile south of the LIE on Route 110). This show grows larger every year, and this year is no exception. More than 50 surf fishing related tackle manufacturers will be represented, and also displaying their wares and offering special deals on surf gear will be many of the best tackle shops and tackle vendors from the Long Island, Metro area.

Attendees are assured of going home with plenty of goodies in the form of lures, line and terminal tackle, as every attendee will receive a goody bag, along with a free chance to a raffle featuring great surf fishing related prizes, including rods, reels and surf fishing accessories from manufacturers like Lamiglas, St. Croix, Shimano, Okuma, Penn, Shakespeare, Daiwa, Van Staal, AquaSkinz, Tsunami and many others.

This year’s seminars and workshops feature an impressive array of surf fishing experts, among them “Crazy Alberto” Knie, Bill “Doc” Muller, Fred Golofaro, Ralph “The Tin Man” Votta, D.J. Muller, surf guide Bill Wetzel, Montauk sharpie Bill Jakob, Toby Lapinski,   rod builder extraordinaire Steve Petri, and Don “Super Strike” Musso. You’ll also be able to pick the brains of veteran casters from LIBBA and the Montauk Surfcasters Association, who will be there signing up new members and renewing current members.

If you’re into surf fishing, or looking to join the ranks of the surf fishing fraternity, you won’t want to miss this show. It will be a great opportunity to stock up on your favorite lures and rigs, and any accessories you’ll need to get you through the fall action. Show doors open at 6 p.m. and the presentations get underway at 6:30 p.m. Tickets are $25 for adults, $20 for seniors and children 16 and under.


Hosted by The Fisherman and Long IslandState Parks, this popular event never fails to attract a crowd, and is timed to take advantage of some of Montauk’s best surf action of the season. Make your plans now to be in Montauk between Friday, September 20 and Sunday, September 22. The Classic kicks off at noon Friday, and continues through Sunday at noon. The awards ceremony will take place at the Point at 1 p.m. on Sunday. All entrants who attend Sunday’s awards ceremony will receive a free goody bag, worth considerably more than the $15 entry fee, as well as a free ticket for the awards ceremony raffle.

Boundary lines for this contest are all shore areas east of the westernmost boundary of NapeagueState Park. The minimum size for striped bass entries is set at 36 inches, while the bluefish minimum is set at 5 pounds.

This is a striped bass and bluefish event with $750 going to the anglers beaching the largest blue and striper of the weekend. Second and third place winners for striped bass,  and second through fifth place winners for bluefish will earn quality tackle and equipment prizes. For more information, call 631-321-3510 or 631-345-5200 Ext.209.


8 comments on “Thank you… to a special friend

  1. Jim M.

    Many thanks to Andrew for a lot of great columns, it was great for him to share so many great recipes and I learned a lot from him. Best of luck with the business, and hope to see you in the suds!

  2. Vito Orlando

    I had the pleasure of meeting Andrew a few years ago on the SS. Really nice person. I wish him the Best with his Business.


  3. Andrew Chase

    That’s a gracious send-off; I wish my last boss was this understanding when I gave notice!
    Seriously though, I’ve been proud to be part of SJ, and I look forward to contributing from time to time.
    Thanks to all the readers who I’ve subjected to my scribblings and cell-phone pics and, of course, to Tommy, Dave and Roger for shaping it into something so presentable.
    Your friend,

  4. frank ward

    i met andrew at one of the seminars a few tears back. then one early moring me and my buddy were out fishing. from about about 4 30am till sunset going from here to there. At our last spot we were walking back and another angler was coming towards us. it was chase. we stop said hello and he said he saw earlier this morning fishing at a different spot. after that i now knew who he was. time and time at niht we would be fishing the same spot and tide. great stuff. i mean who doesnt like company lol. i would like to point out what a very nice guy andrew is. he kept telling me about his cafe in manhattan and how i should stop by. So one after a long overtime shift i came home gathered the troops (family) called andrew and off we went. plus i was buying a fishing rod holder for my truck from him so you know lol. we get there and the place has a perfect atmosphere and some very very very good brew. he greeted my wife my daughter and myself, sat us down and took care of us. the service was great, the food oh man i am not german but us brooklyn italians say “fuggettaboudddit”. he came over sat down had some good conversation and even played with my daughter. drew your a cool dude brother. i always like meeting and making grat friends in this sport. you dont always see them but when you do fishing its like you known each other forever talking about everything and anything. good times. look forward to seeing you on the water. and i am coming back to eat.


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