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World record striper?

I think we are due. For the new world record that is. A fellow in Rhode Island came close recently.. Really close, just one pound shy of that magic mark. What do you think chances of an 80 pound striper being caught are?

I think they are pretty good. Forget for the moment all the anecdotal evidence of catches of large fish signaling the decline in striped bass population. I am more curious about what your feelings are on the record being broken. It certainly feels like we are getting close.

Al McReynolds fish certainly did not bring him fame and fortune. Do you think a new record holder, if we get one, will fare any different. Is catching a world record striper a life changing event?

I have mixed feelings about it. If the fellow who catches it is a charter boat captain he might benefit greatly by never worrying about bookings again. After all, he will be a record holder. If a surfcaster catches it, I got a feeling he might regret it, especially if he catches it alone. For his sake, I hope he catches it in front of 100 people in Montauk blitz. Otherwise the story that he bought it from a trawler will start before he gets home. Personally I wish it will be caught by a guy whose skills in the surf are unmatched. That would definitely eliminated me from consideration which is just fine