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Learning from the Master

The Master speaks





John Skinner has a new book coming out for holiday. It is basically everything you ever wanted to know about fishing with bucktails but you were afraid to ask. Brilliant if you ask me. I’ve read the manuscript and can tell you that it might be the best book I’ve ever read. Period. And you can quote me on that !

You can get more info about John by visiting his website at http://www.fisherslog.com/

Road trip

I am sitting here at 4 am sipping on coffee , awaiting to get on the LIRR and dreaming of other places to be…places where moss covered rocks are protruding in the water, where kelp forest sway with every movement of the wave. A place where stripers roam unmolested by the charter or party boat fleet as the jagged rocks have pierced too many hulls in the past .

Montauk would be nice, stopping at Paulie’s for a fresh cup of coffee, making a cast while the lighthouse beacon shines its light on you every few seconds.

Block Island would not be bad either, swimming to the boulders at Black Rock or descending down the steep staircase at the southeast point.

But my first choice is always Cuttyhunk. Maybe because it’s so quaint and quiet. Maybe because you can’t get there with cars, or get internet to post fishing reports, or get a ride to a fishing spot. Or maybe because fish there receive a lot less pressure then most other places so even a goog like myself can catch a few.

We should book a whole club in the fall and make it a Surfcaster’s Journal weekend. We could maybe get Roger to rigs us some dynamite eels and Tommy to entertain us in a way only he can. Hmm, this might not be a bad idea…..who is in 🙂