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SJ ushers 2012 in style, by giving you a chance to win a Cube Surf Bag from Commando Surfcasting

I want to wish all the readers of the Surfcaster’s Journal Magazine and the Blog a Happy and Prosperous New Year. We are going to usher this 2012 in style here at Surfcaster’s Journal.

First, we have a new issue in the works which should be ready in few days. Second, after two years of waiting, and scrambling to find options for you guys to read the SJ Magazine on your IPads and IPhones, it looks like we finally have an answer to our prayers. It’s not a perfect solution yet as you can’t go to www.surfcastersjournal.com and view it on your Apple device yet. But if you go to  http://issuu.com/surfcasters_journal/docs and you can browse through all the issues on your Ipad. I have to say this. I was the biggest “why would you buy Ipad?” and “what is the point of that tablet?” guy I know. But I bought it for my kids for Christmas because ,well, I love my kids. And to me honestly, money has no other purpose other than to make their lives better. My wife included of course. But I changed my tune after reading two books in two days on Ipad and watching some videos.

Holy shit, that thing is sick! Sorry if I am late to the party but I am here now. Apple rules. I am working on a eBook which will only be available for reading on tablets very soon. Kind of excited about it..

But not as excited as I am about how are we going to kick off 2012 at the Surfcaster’s Journal Blog. By giving you a chance to win this sick Commando CUBE Surf Bag.


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