We usually do not dedicate the blog post to an individual but today we will make an exception.

Many of you know Dennis Zambrotta from either attending his seminars, fishing alongside of him at Block Island or Rhode Island, from working at Edge Angling or from the internet. Many of you also know that he has written a book about the way things were at Block Island during one of the most remarkable period in the surf fishing history. When landing a striper over 50 pounds in one night was not such a big news. Dennis even landed two over 50 in one tide and other have done even better.

Today, his long anticipated book SURFCASTING AROUND THE BLOCK has been published. You can just click on this book picture and it will take you to Edge Angling where you can get more information on the book, its content and pricing. Congratulation Dennis and don’t forget to send Stacey a signed copy 🙂

For those of you that are out of loop, Stacey is a graphic designer who not only designed all my books but I also referred Dennis to her and Sherwood Lincoln with his book, Striperman. She is a busy bee:-) This week she is putting finishing touches on my new book HOOKED….or should I call it The Adventures of the Googan? More on that in few weeks


What else is new? We are going to announce a major catch and release tournament that will encompass all the shoreline of Long Island, NY and which will take a place the weekend of the  October 26th trough October 28th. For the first time, all of you that hold catch and release near and dear to your hearts will be able to compete in a tournament with a clear conscience. Not that is anything wrong in eating fish, God knows I’d eat it every day if I could. But I know that many won’t enter tournaments as matter of principal if you  have to kill a fish in order to win. The rules and all the registration details will be posted shortly. For now I will only tell you that ZeeBaaS, St Croix, Commando Surfcasting, Super Strike Lures, Saltwaters Tackle and Hansom Pliers makers are sponsors. I hope you guys are going to get as excited about this idea as we are. And I hope you guys support it. All net proceeded (if any) will go to the new SJ Junior Angler program. We got a start somewhere to turn this tide of ourselves, not boaters or charter guys, or super sharpies, or pin hookers, ourselves, regular Joe’s killing fish for tournament sake. There is nothing wrong with a fine striper meal. heck, we have a regular column devoted to cooking with our Chef Andrew. But I think this fall will be a wakeup call to many on just how bad the stocks of striped bass are. I hope I am wrong….. We have to try to educate, excite and keep promoting catch and release. There is no reason our freshwater cousins, and even ones in southern states that fish saltwater that make us look like cavemen when it comes to making sure the resource is protected first, before recreational and commercial interests. But that is what you get when you have these organizations that masquerade as a “recreational” representatives but all they give a shit for is how many fish can their customers kill. I hope I am wrong and I am wishing for a really, really good fall run


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  1. RA

    I hope I can get a hold of one of these signed. I’ve seen him at shows but don’t get the chance to attend like I used to.

  2. DZ

    I want to publicly thank Zeno for referring me to Stacey. She was an absolute delight to work with. If she can retain half of what she has read in the books she put together she would outfish us all.

    Mark D: ebook format may come in the future – until then nothing is impossible – contact Edge Angling and tell them where you are overseas – I’ll take care of the shipping cost. If you’re military and deployed I’ll have someone pack it out to you – I got connections.

    Zeno love the C&R concept.

    Many thanks.

  3. Sean Kearney

    Very excited to read the book! Probably won’t be till after the fall run, but as soon as I get the opportunity to I will for sure!

    Will also be looking forward to your book as well Z!

    Awesome idea with the C & R tournament, looks like another weekend that I will get 0 hours of sleep this fall 🙂

  4. CTMatt

    DZ in the house!
    I too wish there was an ipad version at the moment but a book is obviously fine. Kicking it oldschool lol…
    Any chance the shoreline of Long Island can include us CT/RI/MA LI Sound folks or is that not in the cards?

  5. Richard aka Woodwker99

    Z. love the C&R idea… love the summer photo Idea too. DZ hope you will be at the Show at the Hilton on the 19th.


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