Surfcaster’s Journal Issue # 60

With the coronavirus on everyone’s minds, we decided to make this entire 150-page issue accessible to all surfcasters. Just go to www.surfcastersjournal.comand you can access all the articles and all the videos in this issue. 

We want to thank our sponsors for making this special issue available to everyone during this difficult time. Lamiglas Rods, Super Strike Lures, J&H Tackle, ODM Rods, Captree Bait & Tackle, The Surfcaster, Pete’s Place Rentals, Wolverine Tackle, Cow Harbor Bait & Tackle, Guppy Lures, Paulies Bait & Tackle, Cuttyhunk Fishing Club, Fisherman’s Headquarters, Century Rods & Saltwaters Tackle. We are also planning a special bonus issue for our subscribers later in the year.

We will overcome this and be back on the beach in no time doing what we love. In the meantime, follow the experts guidelines and be safe!

Zeno, Tommy & Crew

7 comments on “Surfcaster’s Journal Issue # 60

  1. Andrew Chase

    Z, David and All,
    I really appreciate you doing this.
    Hope you’re all keeping well.
    Andrew Chase

  2. Mike S.

    Zeno and the entire SJ crew ….

    You guys are the best …. hope you and your families are safe and well!

    Every day we are in this, is one day closer to being out of it!

    Thanks again!

  3. johnny plugs

    As a new member I’m enjoying the Journal. Nice job guys. With regards to this article…well it says it all about how we need to stop and really take in and enjoy what we’re doing…fishing. For me, even a skunked day is better than working. Enjoy your life !

    Johnny Plugs

  4. mabeerbrewer

    Zeno and crew (no offense meant to the crew),

    With all that is going on I have thoroughly enjoyed going back to issues before I became a subscriber. As part of that I discovered your video interviews with the surfcasting legends of Montauk. Wow, what a great project documenting the history of our passion.

    Thank you for all your efforts.

    Best, Tim

  5. jimmyz

    I read that story about the young man who passed away, Josh, and being a parent who has lost a son, knows how tough that time can be. I pray the parents let time heal their sorrow. Sad stuff


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