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    The construction dock is done for. G-O-N-E. As you know it is one of the best fishing and bird watching areas in the region. They are bulldozing the dunes by the entrance as we speak. Trucking out sand. Staging area for offshore wind farms. Helicopter landing pads, the works. Fake dunes are planned at the beach lot to block views of the ocean. This is in order to preempt a bad visual impact assessment BECAUSE YOU WONT SEE THE OCEAN THROUGH THE FAKE DUNES. PSEG and “private donors” (probably hedge funders) are paying for half of the site. A nature and energy center are the cover projects. They are giving away our public land to private entities. All done very sneakily with little public notice. Practically in the dead of night.

    Personally I am crestfallen. I go there to fish and chill 20 times a month. I have seen a merlin kill a northern flicker. Dozens of ospreys and northern harriers. Grebes and loons. Seals. Even an eastern milk snake. And let us not forget our friend the piping plover. Guess they are not so important after all. Destroying the environment to “save” the environment. Pathetic.

    I realize your are busy but if you coud help getting the word out it would be great because very few fisherman and bird watchers are even aware this is happening. I have pictures of the BAY side a quarter of a mile from the ocean side and the “nature and energy” center. Right at the construction dock entrance is a huge pit and they dug out a whole dune already in one week. They claim to keeping a little over 200 acres natural. That area is way larger than 200 acres if a square mile is 640 acres.

    I have contacted every government official and fishing publication I could think of.

    Thanks! I have photos, if that would help, publish my email, I don’t care. sschlemmer@optonline.net

    1. zhromin Post author

      I know the area well. Have you contacted LIBBA ?
      I would assume this is something they are familiar with ?


    Every member listed, with pictures. He said the picture I sent was inadequte so I just came back from shooting three more. He also said he contacted the parks department and that they said the place will be open April. But what about the future? I do not trust this as they never warned us about closing down Green Island for the fall run or closing off the jetty. Please feel free to use my email above if you would like some pictures.

    These two articles may clarify things:
    Thank you!

    1. sioca

      Scott your concerns are appropriate regarding the ‘EMPIRE WIND-FARM’ landfall staging areas around Jones Beach.
      Scott the link below contains a couple of ‘NYC MASTER PLANS’ for the proposed sustainable energy projects.
      Please take a look at them, for the alternative (DRILLING FOR OIL) might be worse for the environment and our fisheries.
      Thank you for your concern. It is appreciated.

  3. sioca

    Zeno the issue of ‘WIND FARMS’ mentioned above by Mr. Scott Schlemmer is indeed a bit disconcerting to a lot of fishermen, particularly the ‘Landfall’ prep staging areas at the Jones Beach areas.
    The link below gives a larger and perhaps more complete picture of the ‘SUSTAINABLE’ energy issue that we (every ocean-facing state) are facing. It is an alternative to ‘OIL’ drilling.

    http://www.nyserda.ny.gov › 17-25e-OSW-Cable-Landfall-Permitting-Study
    New York State Offshore Wind Master Plan: Cable Landfall …PDF

    http://www.nyserda.ny.gov › Publications › Research › Biomass-Solar-Wind
    New York State Offshore Wind Master Plan – NYSERDA
    Executive Order 166. https://www.governor.ny.gov/sites/governor.ny.gov/files/

  4. Lawrence Carlucci

    This information of losing the constuction dock is 100% false, The Coalition & LIBBA have been on top of this issue. There is no loss of fishing access at Jones Beach West Two Constuction Dock area. The sand moved from the back area is being used to fill in the front area. That is it! All the other rumors are being made up by the pissed off bird people!


    I believe what you were told and I appreciate all your effort very much. But I do not trust the State Govt or the private firm doing the construction. I do not trust the intentions of PSEG and the LIPA either. They are not involved in this out of the goodness of their heart. Again they never told us about closing down Green Island for the fall run or closing off the jetty. The Green Island toll booth was removed during the height of the fall run. Was anyone forewarned about that? I hope I am dead wrong but mark my words, one fine June day people will be going down there to fish and construction equipment will be blocking the way in.

    If they are using that for sand why couldn’t they get sand from one of the many sand pits on Long Island instead of digging up such a nice accessible place? And again why do publicly available proposals clearly state that the construction docks are an ideal staging area? It may be open THIS year, but what about the future?

    This project is already $7 million dollars over budget. If it will be the base for wind farms there is no transparency about their intentions, scant public notice and little chance for the people to decide what they want for the area. Anyone who trusts that the right things will be done are naiive in my opinion. Did anyone see the “Action Park” they put up right next to those beautiful art deco buildings? Pilings sticking up in the air that look like oil rigs. Can you trust anyone that would green light such a visual aberration to make sound judgements? Once its gone, its gone…

    Please understand I have immense respect for other peoples opinions but I have been fishing there for over 40 years and have seen many times how we are promised one thing by the government and end up getting the short end of the stick.

  6. lisurf2

    Mr Schlemmer,
    You do the fishing community a great disservice buy creating rumors without basis in fact. While I can appreciate your concern, your putting out there incorrect information only confuses the public and creates barriers for those of us on the NY Coalition and LIBBA boards who deal with State and County Parks on a daily basis. I was at the work site today, there was no destruction of the access road as you claimed, and I was able to drive to the end of the parking area. What I did see was the taking of sand, loading it on a truck, and being it being brought to the constuction area on the ocean side. This is not unusual since the state does this also at Democrat Point when they need to move sand. As I said before our fishing access to the constuction dock has nothing to do with the constuction you mentioned. Larry Carlucci #1258 LIBBA Treasurer, NYCRF treasurer, Correspond Secretary , Gateway Striper Club


    Today you could drive all the way through ( I was also there). Last week when this started the construction equipment totally blocked the entrance. I never said the road was gone, just the entrance. Was I wrong about what is occurring? Quite possibly. But when I have read the actual filed proposals and studies that state the dock was considered a prime staging area and saw that the entrance was blocked I assumed the worst. Based on real life instances like the closure of Green Island. What if they decide they need more sand during the spring run? Will they say please? Will they live up to their word? They never warned anyone of their intentions there so people like yourself could have brokered a better time frame to take down the tolls.

    I never meant to upset anyone but I have read the proposals, articles in Newsday, the Fisherman and LI Herald. It is especially suspicious to me that firms like PSEG and LIPA are in on the project. Those are assuredly not rumors. And history is rife with the govt telling us one thing and doing the opposite. Please understand I am not a commited bird watcher but a concerned fisherman. I was only trying to do the right thing and I did not hurt anyone or anything.

  8. lisurf2

    Understood, rest assured if any of our fishing access is threatened and this threat is verified as true, the various organizations I mentioned would get the word out as we did with the Brodsky Bill a number of years ago. Larry

  9. jersey mike

    Is there a problem with the Archived Issues? I do not have access to a bunch of previous issues,also is there a specific date each month that new issues are realised or does it change?

    1. zhromin Post author

      Yes there is a software issue with some older issues that are not displaying properly
      As far as new issues cite on bimonthly bases but not particular date. New issue will be ready this week


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