Surfcasters Access 2019

From the President of the Montauk Surfcaster’s Association, Bill Jakob

While checking out some early bass spots, I stopped to observe a recent arrival of a pair of nesting Osprey. They had the perfect spot with easy access to a great section of tidal marsh land and deep water bay. Without great access an Osprey can’t find fish and without fish for food there is a problem. This made me think it’s time to share progress on the access front. You have probably heard about the recent updates of night fishing at both Hallock State Park and Orient State Park, but let’s get deeper into how the fishing access evolves. Montauk Surfcasters Association began in January pursuing 4×4 beach access at Hallock State Park and night fishing at Orient State Park.

Being the new President of Montauk Surfcasters Association,I reached out to New York State

Senator Ken LaValle through extended family at the Senators office and was assured the Senator would get right on it.

I also reached out to Assemblyman Anthony Palumbo on the same issues as both parks were in his districts. The final contact was with State Assemblyman Fred Thiele who

I have worked with in the past.Within weeks, Valerie who I’m sure was growing tired of all my calls and visits assured me that Senator LaValle said we would have night fishing at both parks and 4×4 access would be a later step in the process. I was also instructed to keep quite until the official announcement was made by the State Parks Department.

Well that is old news now but – that’s not all the news on the access front! Working in conjunction with Assemblyman Anthony Palumbo as point man, with the assistance of Senator LaValle and Assemblyman Thiele I was informed that funds would be available for a state-of-the-art entry system utilizing New York State Empire Pass card touch readers along with electric entry gates. Imagine pulling up to what appears to be a closed State Park, you walk up, touch your empire pass to the machine and the gate opens while a camera records the vehicle and plate entering. You then retouch the screen the gate closes and your on your way to a nights fishing without the worries of unauthorized people roaming around possibly looking to steal equipment from your vehicle. Issues of non-fishermen, vandals, and the need for increased police patrols would be reduced or eliminated creating a perfect environment for fishermen at night in these remote parks. The Orient State Park and Hallock State Park will be test parks and if all goes well, this system could  be installed in other Long Island Parks providing safe, limited access to

parks and 4×4 beach access. The use of 4×4 vehicles in these parks we be evaluated and looked into

closer with the assistance of Assemblyman Anthony Pulumbo,New York State Parks and Montauk Surfcasters Association in the coming season.

Evaluating the placement of card readers and gates with Anthony Palumbo Assemblyman

New York State  District

Fishermen’s Ally Fred Thiele Assemblyman New York State District

Fishermen’s Ally Senator Ken LaValle New York State District

Montauk Point- Construction at the light house is scheduled to begin this summer, and will impact access to under the lighthouse fishing for an estimated 18 months. Montauk State Parks Superintendent Tom Dess has

agreed to try and create a new 4×4 access road to the area below the concession building. The President of the Montauk Lighthouse President Society in a recent meeting apologies for the temporary loss of fishing access. Joe Gaviola a long time friend and hardcore Surfcaster at Montauk, vowed that Surfcasters will always be able to fish at the lighthouse after the completion of the project.

I reminded him that I would have an ancestor that once lived in the lighthouse, haunt him as Joe currently lives in the lighthouse keeper’s home  if he broke his promise.

Brookhaven Town – After meeting

With  Councilman Dan Panico discussing various problems with fishing and night fishing within the

Township of Brookhaven, Councilman Panico has agreed to take the lead in addressing any and all issues of fishing access though out the Township.

Gilgo Beach 4×4 access is back!

Long Island Beach Buggy Association President Cookie Rondinella after hundreds of phone conversations and finally meeting with New York State Governor Cuomo’s office has secured 4×4 access and night fishing at what was believed to be an area never to be used again.

Congratulations and job well done LIBBA President Cookie Rondanelli !

It’s groups like Montauk Surfcasters Association(MSA),

Long Island Beach Buggy Association (LIBBA) and The New York Coalition For Recreational Fishing that work long hours to gain and hold onto fishing access

across Long Island. Please join and support these groups that help you enjoy the pursuit of surf


4 comments on “Surfcasters Access 2019

  1. Frank W Breakell

    Well done! You have set a great example and laid out a blue print for others to follow. Congratulations on your achievements in gaining access.

  2. Crescnzo Abbatiello

    Please support or assist these great groups like NYCRF, MSA LIBBA. Give back to the great sport and the gentleman and women that help maintain and gain new access. Job well done.

  3. John T


    Thank you for your hard work on these very difficult and time-consuming access issues. The North Fork in particular has always held a soft spot in my heart – I always love fishing the “other” Point. Getting night access to Hallock and Orient Point SP is fantastic and I am very grateful for you doing this!


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