Surf Fishing Tip Of The Week # 7 Boga Grip Belt Holder

I get more questions about how to make Boga holder than anything else via email.By a country mile…

But I can’t take the credit for this invention. The credit goes to one of the best fishermen I know, my fishing partner Silverfox a.k.a. Lenny Ferro. SilverFox was the Macgyver before there was one on TV. If you see him under the light, where he probably is right now, or walking the north side in his Quigley, give him a thanks.

3 comments on “Surf Fishing Tip Of The Week # 7 Boga Grip Belt Holder

  1. Silverfox

    Hey Z, thanks for the props. Guys can get the lightweight tubing any place that sell central vacuum stuff. The strap can be folded over by applying a little heat.

  2. Richard Fuchs

    Nice idea. I personally use a mag light belt holder for the large mag light flashlights. same idea only made out of nylon web material. like I said this is a great idea. if my loop ever gives out this is what I would move to.


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